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Pedal recommendations(6 posts)

Pedal recommendationsbruinfan
Sep 16, 2002 6:03 PM
I am a longtime mountain biker and recently purchased a road bike with ultegra components but without pedals. Any recommendations on pedals? They don't have to be fancy, and I dont want to use my mountain bike shoes. What's considered a good price on pedals/shoes?
I've got a great dealishmael
Sep 16, 2002 11:11 PM
I'll sell you mine for a buck apeice. Theyre really old and crappy and are missing some screws but still, amazingly, work perfectly. Theyre richey spd road pedals. Super light and you can wear mountain bike shoes with them so you can walk around in the coffee shop looking slightly less retarded(even though you'll still have on neon spandex and shaved legs with a sinnewy ass). Sorry about that last comment, I hope I didnt offend anyone on the board who's retarded. Sorry Doug Sloan and aliensporebomb. oOOOOoo,,to the ribs,, to the ribs,,now the head, body blow, body blow..
re: Pedal recommendationsSpunout
Sep 17, 2002 3:33 AM
Do a search on the reviews side of this board. Anything other than MTB shoes and you won't be able to walk as easily.

I think it is mostly personal, but I use Look 396 because of the adjustable float. I am also new to the road bike, so once I know what float range works for me, then the next pedal will be a bit better dialed in.

Also, consider your shoes and pedals as a unit because they must mount correctly.
re: Pedal recommendationsshoalin
Sep 17, 2002 4:34 AM
I got a extra brand new pair Look396. If you want I can give you a really good deal $ me if you intrested
re: Pedal recommendationsfbg111
Sep 17, 2002 6:24 AM
Here are some rbr threads I bookmarked. I'm looking around too, and my favorite so far are the Coombe Pro's for their simplicity.
MikeC "anybody around here use Coombe pedals???" 10/7/01 4:04pm
Sep 17, 2002 7:33 PM
I just switched from an older SPD style to Look 396 Jalaberts. I'd say its worth the wierd walking to have the extra ease of clipping in and the more secure feeling platform. Get the rubber cleat covers(Kool Kovers $15 LBS) for no slip walking

got mine from
$69 + $22 shipping, got 'em in two days. (Ireland to Bellingham WA)