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help! new rider wants to spend $1200 on a road bike...(7 posts)

help! new rider wants to spend $1200 on a road bike...weiwentg
Sep 16, 2002 4:46 PM
a friend's just getting into road biking and has $1200. she's around 5'2" and has around a 29" inseam (estimate). what's the best bike she can get for around $1200?
re: help! new rider wants to spend $1200 on a road bike...fbg111
Sep 16, 2002 5:13 PM
There are plenty, but the one I know best is a giant TCR2, which I own. Normally at $1300, the 2002 models are on clearance sales now for around $1100. Good components (Shimano 105), light aluminum bike, carbon fork/stem/seatpost, and compact frame which people with short legs seem to prefer. Here's a few review below. I'm sure you can get similar deals on similar Treks, Cdales, Fuji's, etc also. Also, search this forum for your question and price range, as others have asked it before and received a lot of good advice. Maybe someone with more experience can advise you about getting a used bike, as that may be an option to consider too.

Check out RBR's Review section also. Lot's of good stuff there. Here's the TCR2 review:,Road,Bike/Giant,Bicycle,Inc.,TCR,2/PRD_101369_4229crx.aspx
re: help! new rider wants to spend $1200 on a road bike...weiwentg
Sep 16, 2002 5:19 PM
well, the thing is the TCR's top tube is probably going to be a bit long for her, unless we put a 80mm stem, which will mess the handling up. the LBS is sold out of TCRs (there's a size L, and she'd need an S). in fact, the LBS is sold out of everything '02, and bikes in the 48cm range are not exactly commonly stocked.
I thought of recommending the Scattante Altec 2, '03 model, which is a semi-compact available in 48. personally, I think that if given the geometery data and a tape measure, I could fit her. the thing is, she'd rather ride the bike in a retail store...
and the local store can order a 48cm Specialized women's specific frame. it's A1 tubing (good but not great), mostly Ultegra (Tiagra front D, Tiagra cassette) and Alex wheels (which the mechanic said were probably a bit heavier than CXP21s), for just over $1k. the thing is, they can ORDER it but she can't actually test-ride it.
I suppose I could let her test-ride my TCR and get fit data from there. is that an option? should I convince her to let me fit her? I am actually reasonably confident that I won't screw up, but she isn't quite comfortable not test riding a bike.
re: help! new rider wants to spend $1200 on a road bike...fbg111
Sep 17, 2002 1:42 AM
Yeah, if it doesn't fit, don't get it. Sounds like you know enough to fit her competently. But it sounds like if the LBS has to order the Altec, then she won't get to test ride that either. You might be able to find a small TCR at an online store, but I don't have any experience buying a bike online. I've seen some stores mentioned around here, some specifically for clearance sales. You might search or ask about them.
One Word.... Giantwink
Sep 16, 2002 5:46 PM
You will not go wrong, check out the new Giant OCR, it has Shimano 105 componets, carbon fork, looks cool and rides great. Absolutely the best bang for the buck! The 03 is not on web site but all of the Giant Dealers have them in stock... and no I do not work for Giant! (nm)bm
Sep 16, 2002 7:31 PM
Sep 16, 2002 11:14 PM
long ass legs on shorty is the only way to go.