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SF Grand Prix Pics (spoilers!)(11 posts)

SF Grand Prix Pics (spoilers!)gregg
Sep 16, 2002 1:41 PM
If you were one of the lucky 400,000 people to be in San Francisco for the Grand Prix, I'm sure you were not dissappointed. The crowd was again huge, and Lance even finished the race this time!

Here is the finish line sprint, check out second place Henk Vogel's(Mercury) expression at losing to 7Up/Nutrafig's Charles Dionne. And Massimo Giunti (Acqua y Sapone) just edged Postal's Ekimov for third:

A couple of mid pack racers:

It was a very exciting race, with USPS George Hincapie leading the latter part of the race. Unfortunately, Hincapie would fade badly on the penultimate lap on the mean Streets of San Francisco. Ekimov and Lance held their ground, but it came down to a sprint for the finish.

Here, George leads with 3 laps to go:

The peleton goes by:

Team Saturn:

Kevin Livingston announced his retirement after this race:

7Up rider gives one of the Posties "The Look".

The man everyone came to see. Probably the closest I'll ever get to Lance:
The Winner!gregg
Sep 16, 2002 2:16 PM
"San Francisco rocks!" is the quote from Charles Dionne, team 7Up/Nutrafig rider and winner of the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix.

Some team riders, post-race:

Lance giving post race Interview and then off in a hurry (he's in the middle of this crowd, just getting ready to pedal away):

Couple more shots of the crowd:

Gary Fisher was on hand to offer some color commentary (Gary's in the red cap):
Gregg - what camera did you use ??flybyvine
Sep 16, 2002 9:01 PM
Great shots
thanks...using a Canon S110.gregg
Sep 17, 2002 9:51 AM
...Occasionally, I get lucky! And I had some photo tips from Photo John from

It's a great little camera, perfect for tucking in a jersey pocket and taking on rides.
It has been discontinued and replaced with the very similar S200.

I must say that I was a little intimidated being in the media area at the finish line next to guys with huge cameras, and me there holding the little Canon!

Expo Area and Team Supportgregg
Sep 16, 2002 2:22 PM
Some misc. SF GP posts:

SF provides some great backdrops:

This fellow was more than happy to pose for a pic, Sierra Mist was giving out free samples (the stuff's not half bad!)

Saturn Team Car:

USPS Team Car:
bike pics - Abici, Marin, Steelmangregg
Sep 16, 2002 2:29 PM
Met Clark from Abici bikes and he was totally excited about the whole event. A great way for smaller manufacturers to get the word out. Something tells me that I won't be calling Abici a "small manufacturer" for long! Your bikes look good, and you were definitely one busy man.

The Abici Vader:

The XLR8R:

The Marin Stelvio:

Steelman 'cross bike:
results of the SF Grand Prixgregg
Sep 16, 2002 2:31 PM
1 72 CAN19790315 DIONNE Charles 7UP 4h18'49"

2 27 AUS19730731 VOGELS Henk MCT m.t.

3 33 ITA19740729 GIUNTI Massimo ACQ m.t.

4 4 RUS19660204 EKIMOV Vjatceslav USP m.t.

5 55 AUS19751107 LEAPER Tom NVR m.t.

6 2 USA19710918 ARMSTRONG Lance USP m.t.

7 63 USA19810610 FRISCHKORN William SAT m.t.

8 64 NED19711108 JANSEN Harm SAT @ 03"

9 45 USA19711023 HORNER Chris PRI @ 05"

10 30 MEX19740905 ZARATE ESTRADA Jesus MCT @ 1'17"

11 89 USA19730524 LIVINGSTON Kevin MX1 m.t.

12 69 DEN19671007 PETERSEN Soren SAT m.t.

13 65 USA19770805 JOHNSON Tim SAT m.t.

14 6 USA19751014 LANDIS Floyd USP m.t.

15 1 USA19730629 HINCAPIE George USP m.t.

16 71 USA19680818 LIESWYN John 7UP @ 4'27"

17 141 USA19780922 JACQUES-MAYNES Ben SIE @ 4'34"

18 26 BUL19711108 STOYANOV Plamen MCT @ 4'39"

19 171 USA19700704 HUANG Ted USA m.t.

20 52 ITA19770524 CAMPONOGARA Siro NVR @ 4'41"

21 21 CAN19681119 FRASER Gordon MCT m.t.

22 57 IRL19760508 POWER Ciaran NVR m.t.

23 31 ITA19781003 CARDELLINI Lorenzo ACQ m.t.

24 47 USA19790324 PATE Danny PRI m.t.

25 97 SUI19790601 RIBOLZI Guiseppe JUR m.t.

26 125 USA19710606 LARKIN Tim OFO m.t.

27 67 USA19770623 KLUCK Damon SAT m.t.

28 48 USA19691207 PETERS John PRI m.t.

29 49 USA19760201 STEPHENSON Russell PRI m.t.

30 74 USA19720201 MONAHAN Kevin 7UP m.t.

31 137 USA19770603 BARRETT Ryan SCI m.t.

32 66 USA19691209 KLASNA Trent SAT m.t.

33 10 USA19710413 CASEY Dylan USP m.t.

34 7 USA19711011 MCRAE Chann USP m.t.

35 138 CAN19751218 ERKER Jacob SCI m.t.

36 81 USA19750109 FRIEDICK Mariano MX1 m.t.

37 70 CAN19650108 WOHLBERG Eric SAT m.t.

38 130 CAN19790917 SIENIEWICZ Greg OFO m.t.

39 147 USA19640725 HUNT John SIE m.t.

40 50 CAN19770509 TUFT Svein PRI m.t.

41 59 CAN19760215 WALTERS Mark NVR m.t.

42 28 USA19730718 WHERRY Chris MCT @ 4'51"

43 54 USA19751015 BALDWIN Christopher NVR m.t.

44 68 USA19700915 MCCORMACK Mark SAT @ 4'57"

45 61 CUB19760528 DOMINGUEZ Ivan SAT @ 7'23"

46 62 USA19690704 FISHER Chris SAT @ 7'48"

47 153 MEX19751130 CASTILLO Gerardo MEX m.t.

48 106 USA19790831 SPINELLI Justin SAE @ 8'04"

49 24 USA19700112 SAYERS Mike MCT @ 9'57"

50 148 USA19741125 MORGAN Justin SIE @ 11'34"

51 118 COL19730506 GRAJALES Cesar Augus JIT m.t.
Press Release from BMC Software: 2002 SF Grand Prixgregg
Sep 16, 2002 2:33 PM

Sunday, September 15

In a completely International finish, Charles Dionne (CAN) of 7UP/NutraFig won the second annual San Francisco Grand Prix presented by BMC Software today in front of an estimated 500,000 spectators. Henk Vogels (AUS) of Mercury finished second and moved into the top spot in the 2002 Pro Cycling Tour Point Standings. Italian Massimo Giunti of Acqua & Sapone finished third.
Four-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong crossed the line sixth. Last year's winner George Hincapie, who finished 15th, captured the WebCor King of the Mountain award. Only 49 of the 180 riders finished. The 109-mile course took the pros up the grueling Taylor (13 times) and Fillmore (8 times) Street climbs with a total elevation of 7,700 feet.

"San Francisco rocks!" said Dionne who takes home the $10,000 winner's check along with a brand new Saturn Ion. "Hopefully this win will open the doors for my team. I came to San Francisco to prove I'm not just a sprinter, and successfully did that today."

Today's race was one of ten official events on the 2002 Pro Cycling Tour (PCT). The event was co-produced by Threshold Sports and Tailwind Sports. The Pro Cycling Tour is managed by Threshold Sports, a sports marketing and event management company that focuses on the commercial development of the sport of cycling and organizes elite professional bicycle races in North America. For information on the PCT visit

BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE:BMC], is the leader in enterprise management. The company focuses on Assuring Business Availability? for its customers by helping them proactively improve service, reduce costs and increase value to their business. BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications and databases. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and is a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2002 revenues of approximately $1.3 billion. Visit to learn more.

Matt Smith, riding on behalf of the Center for Investigative Reporting, won the Celebrity Chase beating Gary Fisher, Nick Graham and Robin Williams. Hancock/McGuire Cycle Couriers won the BMC Software Corporate Challenge. At the women's pro race yesterday, the San Rafael Cycling Classic presented by BMC Software, Laura Van Gilder of Trek Plus was victorious and moved ahead of Petra Rossner of Saturn in the women's PCT Points Standings. Kevin Livingston of Telekom announced that today's race was his last before retirement.

For further information contact:
Sarah Stabile:

Jennifer Roccia Moreau
Cool shots, thanks for the update.fbg111
Sep 16, 2002 2:47 PM
Looks really cool. Great finish line shot.
Wow, great shot of Lance, one of the best I've ever seen.js5280
Sep 16, 2002 5:26 PM
Watch out Graham Watson! You have a great eye and shutter finger there Gregg :-)
What's up with...noveread
Sep 17, 2002 6:12 AM
What's up with the guy behind Lance? It's like he's so stunned to see Lance he drops everything! Radio, clipboard a stupid look on his face...