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When cyclists get stale...(1 post)

When cyclists get stale...rwbadley
Sep 16, 2002 11:17 AM
Referring to an earlier post by Doug, what to do when it just isn't makin' it for ya'?

I think many were on the right track to recommend taking some time off. Though it may go deeper than that in some cases. A new addition to the family is a change that normally will cause upheaval to routine in many ways.

I think time off the bike a good thing, but I also would like to suggest something else.

Get a 'slow bike'. If it appears that your bikes are all racing oriented, find a cruiser, town bike, recumbent or something that will allow you to take it easy for a bit. Go run errands on. Play with the idea that you might not always have to make every ride training or racing.

When you do get back on your 'fast bikes' for your regular rides they will feel faster and more excitng because of the time you spent going slow. I guarantee it.