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yes! another question on new bike material(3 posts)

yes! another question on new bike materialditcher
Sep 15, 2002 4:39 PM
I can't decide steel or Ti. I rode a titanium sports bike very nice, the welds are as good as litespeed but there was some flex in the bottom bracket noticiable with the chain rubbing the front der. but went away with the micro adj. Is anybody riding these they seem pretty good to me.Now steel torelli,landshark any other nominations that would fit inthe 2300.00 range with chorus.none of my lbs carry steel in stock to ride.I NEED HELP.
Can't really help your material decision, but . . .Look381i
Sep 15, 2002 5:33 PM
you might want to look at Gary Hobbs' inventory ( for some steel (and a few ti) choices. As far as materials selection, many will tell you, I think correctly, that the design and construction have more to do with the ultimate performance and "feel" than the basic material.

(I sold my ti and went back to steel in 1999. I recently moved to carbon, but I picked the carbon frame that's supposed to be most like a typical steel ride (and it is very much so). But I've been riding steel since 1971 -- then Reynolds 531 -- and I like a fairly smooth but lively ride.)
re: yes! another question on new bike materialSTEELYeyed
Sep 15, 2002 6:09 PM
I have a Litepeed Ti and a Serotta Reynolds 853 steel,and with the same wheels and tires,there is not much difference. They are both great bikes. The thing I like about Ti is its meintenence free,and doesn't scratch.