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&*$% weather forecasters!(6 posts)

&*$% weather forecasters!DaveG
Sep 15, 2002 11:51 AM
I bailed out of the century I had been planning to do today (Lake Nockamixon, Horsham PA) because the weather forecasters were predicting heavy rains today. Well, here it is 4pm and still no serious rain! Curse those people at the Weather Channel! Next time I'm just gonna take my chances.
re: &*$% weather forecasters!seejoy
Sep 15, 2002 2:00 PM wasn't a century...just a get together at a bike shop in Easton, PA. Ride and eats outside. Almost did not go because of the weather either. Teeter tottered for while but finally put the bike on the rack and headed east. Started to rain in the parking lot once I signed in and we rode out in the rain. There was a much appreciated lull to eat breakfast and we got a ride in too. Poured on the way back to the shop and car!!! 16mph on the road in a torrent was fun once I got used to being soaked through!!! Made better by the company of folks I like being with!! Heck, my bike needed a wash!
"Gap Gallop" is next Sunday and rain or shine I'm in!!
Sep 15, 2002 2:42 PM
I've lived in three seperate states, and in each state the weather forcaster's commercials (for watching their weather) claim that each state or region has the most difficult weather to predict, anywhere. They were so bad last winter that nobody took any of their forcasts seriously. I just wait for the satalite image and make my own prediction. I'm a little better than them.
re: &*$% weather forecasters!firstrax
Sep 15, 2002 4:03 PM
Dont bother with forcasters. Check the live doppler on one of the weather sites and make your own call.
My solution ...jesse1
Sep 16, 2002 2:09 AM
....I feel your pain! My business is weather dependant and I need to know what tomorrow (or even today) will be like to plan my work schedule. Carrying this over to my passion of riding I've learned that you should NEVER make plans based upon weather predictions 3 or more days in advance.
If it's a friday night forcast for Saturday, there's a 50/50 chance they'll be right on.
I tend to bring up weather sites on the internet & watch the "flow" of the weather sytems and I'll still listen to the forcasters but modify their predictions.
Check out and play with all the different images you can bring up.
just do it ?!!?? it's only water...nmclimbo
Sep 16, 2002 5:13 AM