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Excellent 24 hour experience.. Just do it..(1 post)

Excellent 24 hour experience.. Just do it..mortaaay
Sep 15, 2002 6:41 AM
For those of you who have always wanted to do a 24 hour race but always had your team members flake out on ya just find another team and get a new experience in. I was having troubles getting my lazy assed friends to do another 24 hr race so I went out searching for a new team to ride with. I came upon this site who was offering a 24 hour of adrenalin tour and next year the 2003 World Road Cycling Championships tour. Man it was fun. We did so much I met some amazing people and had a blast. We ended up with a respectable 26th out of 110 teams. The owner of PAC totally new her stuff (plus she was a total MTB babe, yeeeow) as she and her partner has done these races for the last 8 years solo and on teams both reaching the podium in there solo efforts and team efforts. Her partner was an excellent rider and a great bike mechanic as well. Both of them together made the experience so easy and fun and they had great tips to give. I had such a great time with this crew, I have asked the owner if there was anything I could do for her and she just said spread the word of her little company. So here I am spreading the word. If you or any cycling fan wants a great adventure go visit her site at she has MTB tours as well as Road tours. She's still a spec on the tour circuit but hopefully will be growing fast... Just get out there and race. It's a total blast. Thanks M.