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Twin Cities Road Bike Reviewers – READ THIS(14 posts)

Twin Cities Road Bike Reviewers – READ THISScot_Gore
Sep 14, 2002 5:46 PM
Does anyone have an interest in getting together for a Road Bike Review Ride?
Put some faces to some handles and have a little fun!!!

Reply back here with your willingness, and thoughts.

When MB1 set up the Washington DC ride there was a lot of interest but once people saw the dates and times, not many people could participate. In order to help people make an honest assessment of their ability to ride, I'll propose a date, time, and route here and now. Interested parties please reply with their level of interest in participating and if they can make it on to the proposed ride.
If there's enough interest in a riding the proposed ride we can proceed, if there's interest but the below ride doesn't work, we can work up a different ride before the snow flies. Or lastly, not enough interest, I'll can the idea.

Proposed Ride
Date & Time: Sunday, September 29th 7:00am
Start Point: Visitors Center – Main Street – St. Anthony Main , Minneapolis
Length 55 miles
Time Mile Instruction
7:00 AM 0.0 Depart 259 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 on Main St SE (East)
7:01 AM 0.2 Cross Stone Arch Bridge to South Side of River
7:02 AM 0.3 Turn LEFT on West River Parkway
7:04 AM 0.7 Enter Bike Path to Dinkytown Bikeway bridge
7:07 AM 1.1 Bear RIGHT (West) onto River Rd E
7:12 AM 2.1 Continue (East) on E River Pkwy [River Rd E]
7:20 AM 3.6 Continue (South-East) on Mississippi River Blvd N
7:27 AM 4.9 Continue (East) on Exeter Pl
7:27 AM 4.9 Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Mississippi River Blvd N
7:29 AM 5.2 Continue (South-West) on Local road(s)
7:30 AM 5.2 Continue (South) on Mississippi River Blvd S
7:47 AM 8.6 Continue (South-East) on CR-46 [Mississippi River Blvd S]
7:49 AM 9.0 Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Shepard Rd
8:18 AM 15.1 Turn LEFT (North) onto Sibley St
8:21 AM 15.5 Continue (North-West) on SR-5 [7th St E]
8:22 AM 15.6 Bear RIGHT (West) onto CR-55 [Jackson St]
8:29 AM 16.9 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Cayuga St
8:31 AM 17.2 Turn LEFT (North) onto Gateway Bike Trail
9:00 AM Turn RIGHT (South) on Bruce Vento Bike Trail
9:16 AM 25.3 Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-5 [7th St E]
9:20 AM 26.1 Turn LEFT (South-East) onto Wacouta St
9:21 AM 26.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Kellogg Blvd E
9:24 AM 26.8 Turn LEFT (South) onto Wabasha St S
9:25 AM 26.9 At Wabasha St S, St Paul, MN 55101, stay on Wabasha St S (South)
9:26 AM 27.1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Water St W
10:04 AM 34.9 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Hwy 494 Bike Bridge
10:12 AM 39.2 Continue (West) 80th Street
10:14 AM 37.9 Turn LEFT (South) onto 34th Ave S
10:16 AM 38.4 Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto E Old Shakopee Rd
10:21 AM 39.5 Turn RIGHT (West) onto E 86th St
10:25 AM 40.5 Turn RIGHT (North) onto 12th Ave S
10:33 AM 42.0 Turn RIGHT (East) onto E 73rd St
10:34 AM 42.1 Bear LEFT (East) onto Diagonal Blvd
10:36 AM 42.3 Bear LEFT (North) onto Bloomington Ave (S)
10:39 AM 42.8 At near Richfield, stay on Bloomington Ave S (North)
10:43 AM 43.6 Bear RIGHT (North) onto Crosstown Rd
10:45 AM 43.9 Turn LEFT (West) on E 60th St [60th St E]
10:46 AM 44.1 Turn RIGHT (North) onto 12th Ave S
10:53 AM 45.4 Turn RIGHT (East) onto E Minnehaha Pkwy
11:04 AM 47.6 Continue (East) on Godfrey Pkwy
11:07 AM 48.1 Bear LEFT (North-East) onto West River Pkwy
11:38 AM 53.8 Turn RIGHT onto Stone Arch Bridge
11:43 AM 54.3 Turn LEFT onto Main St SE
11:44 AM 55.0 Arrive 259 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

OK - bnlkid, filtersweep, JS, ASB, others...Let me know what you think.

re: Twin Cities Road Bike Reviewers – READ THISaliensporebomb
Sep 14, 2002 8:03 PM
Scot - it looks like a cool route. Two things might prevent
me - I'll likely be flown out of the Twin Cities on business
that weekend (Network install in North Carolina - eek).

I'd likely have to hang off the back since I've never done
the peloton thing but hopefully I can figure out the work
thing. I'll know Monday whether I'll be headed to NC or not.

P.S. I saved the map and directions because it looks like a
nice route I can add to my collection of rides.. Nice.
Hope you can make it. Open this regarding route.Scot_Gore
Sep 15, 2002 12:51 PM
I must have accidently cut out three lines when adjusting the directions for bike trails (I use a car routing program so of course it dosn't recognize bike paths). After the turn onto Water Street out of downtown St. Paul there should be 3 lines.
1) Turn Right onto Big Rivers Trail
2) Turn Left onto Mendota Heights Road
3) Turn Right onto Pilot Knob Road

Then pick it up from Turn Right onto 494 bike bridge. Jump onto to the sidewalk when crossing 494 on Pilot Knob. The trail to the bridge is just on the other side of the Pilot Knob overpass and there is no ramp from street level.

Hope that helps.

re: Twin Cities Road Bike Reviewers – READ THISfiltersweep
Sep 15, 2002 5:48 AM
I'm quite sure that I can do it... what will the daylight at 7am look like on the 29th? I like your route- it starts maybe a mile from where I live.
Oh... one more thing...filtersweep
Sep 15, 2002 6:16 AM
You might want to recheck those times- I'd expect that we'd be done just before 9am.... ;)
woh- that's three blocks from my house!off roadie
Sep 15, 2002 7:13 AM
I live on University just up from there! I'm not big on getting up that early on Sundays, and there's usually MTB rides I like to do later in the day, but who knows, I'll maybe see you there.
Ride bummer Pt. IIfiltersweep
Sep 15, 2002 10:33 AM
Today I had a late start on my road ride after a mtn bike ride (not my fave, but I need to be social once in awhile). Anyway, I was on E.River Rd or Miss. River Blvd, or whatever it was called (on the St. Paul side) and there are bikes everywhere! The road was blocked off... I assume I forgot all about the St. Paul Classic? I turned around to avoid that mess.

Last Saturday my ride was interrupted by the U of M- by the VERY steep hill that leads to the bike bridge- again the road was blocked off... for a crit, no less.

NOW- today I also noticed that there are signs posted regarding the 29th... the road might be closed part of the day- FYI- I don't know if the marathon is that day or not- I thought it was in October. I really like the start point of this route... it is perfect for me. The timing of the ride might be fine for that route anyway...
Good Eye, Filtersweep!!!Scot_Gore
Sep 15, 2002 12:41 PM
I checked the Twin Cities Marathon site. The run is on Sept 29th. That puts the Minnehaha Pwy, and the East & West River roads out of action. I'll work on route that dosn't include the runs roads and republish here.

Weather web site says:
>>September 29, 2002 7:08 AM 6:58 PM

for sunrise and sunset, so I think 7:00 is still OK.

BTW: The family and I were in that mess called the St. Paul classic. It was fun.

Thanks for the heads up on this stuff.

Looked like funfiltersweep
Sep 15, 2002 4:21 PM
re: St. Paul Classic- I just didn't want to be an interloper... an unregistered participant... they should block off a different set of public roads every Sunday during the summer.

BTW- it might just be better to reschedule- the river roads are almost essential for this type of ride- unfortunately I'm unavailable the next two Saturdays and next Sunday- and it is getting late in the season- OR - at 7am there really shouldn't be any problem ?
New RouteScot_Gore
Sep 15, 2002 7:38 PM
What do folks think of this? Same time, day, and start point. This would be a counterclockwise route. I'll post the route description (word style) Monday after I have time to cure it from it's automobile tendencies. It's a 48 mile route, with a fast pace we can be at the capital for the marathon winner.

Looks Good! Hope I can make it.bnlkid
Sep 16, 2002 5:16 AM
I haven't checked my schedule that far in advance, but it looks like a nice route. I forgot all about the St. Paul Classic until I went riding at 11:30. Most of the people were in the St. Thomas parking lot by then, so I didn't have to contend with blocked roads. Good to hear the event was fun.

Filtersweep, I hope you weren't complaining about the crit at the U of M. I was tempted to race in it, but am still not 100% since the surgery. It was fun to watch. I suggest watching a rice like that for any casual rider to see how much effort is put forth and how hard it really is to race. There is a huge difference from going 20 mph for 30 minutes to going 25mph for 30 minutes.(and that is just the cat 4/5).
Looks Good! Hope I can make it.filtersweep
Sep 16, 2002 10:48 AM
Wasn't complaining... just wasn't expecting it- and actually I'm ALL FOR blocking off any road for use by cyclists... it was just the irony of it all- two weekends in a row my route has been blocked off for cyclists.
Text Description of New RouteScot_Gore
Sep 16, 2002 7:45 PM
Time Mile Instruction
7:00 AM 0.0 Depart 245 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 on Main St SE (West)
7:02 AM 0.3 Continue (North) on CR-23 [NE Main St]
7:10 AM 1.4 Turn West River Pkwy
7:15 AM 2.2 Turn LEFT (South-West) onto N 4th Ave [4th Ave N]
7:16 AM 2.4 Turn LEFT (South-East) onto N 1st St [1st St N]
7:17 AM 2.5 Turn RIGHT (South-West) onto N 3rd Ave [3rd Ave N]
7:21 AM 3.3 At 88 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403, stay on CR-40 [Glenwood Ave] (East)
7:22 AM 3.4 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Cedar Lake Trail
7:23 AM 3.5 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Hawthorne Ave
7:24 AM 3.6 Turn LEFT (South) onto N 12th St [12th St N]
7:25 AM 3.7 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Hennepin Ave
7:27 AM 4.1 Bear RIGHT (West) onto Dunwoody Blvd [Wayzata Blvd]
7:29 AM 4.3 Turn LEFT (South) onto S Emerson Ave [Emerson Ave S]
7:31 AM 4.6 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Kenwood Pkwy
7:34 AM 5.3 At 1616 Kenwood Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55405, stay on Kenwood Pkwy (West)
7:38 AM 5.9 Turn LEFT onto Kenilworth Trail
7:43 AM 6.9 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Midtwon Greenway
7:43 AM 6.9 At E Calhoun Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55408, stay on E Calhoun Pkwy (South)
7:44 AM 7.1 Turn LEFT (south) onto 5th Ave
7:53 AM 8.9 Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-35 [Portland Ave S]
8:10 AM 12.3 Turn LEFT (South-East) onto E 58th St [58th St E]
8:12 AM 12.8 Turn RIGHT (South) onto 12th Ave S
8:14 AM 13.0 Turn LEFT (East) onto E 60th St [60th St E]
8:15 AM 13.2 Continue (East) on Cedar Ave S
8:15 AM 13.2 Turn RIGHT (South) onto Crosstown Rd
8:17 AM 13.5 Bear LEFT (South) onto Bloomington Ave S
8:19 AM 13.8 Turn RIGHT (West) onto E 64th St
8:20 AM 14.0 Turn LEFT (South) onto 12th Ave S
8:29 AM 15.9 Turn LEFT (East) onto E 79th St
8:34 AM 16.9 Turn RIGHT (South) onto CR-1 [24th Ave S]
8:35 AM 17.0 Turn LEFT (East) onto E 80th St
8:39 AM 18.3 Turn LEFT onto 494 Bike Bridge
8:53 AM 22.1 Turn LEFT (North) onto CR-31 [Pilot Knob Rd]
8:55 AM 22.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto Mendota Heights Rd
8:56 AM 22.7 Bear Right (West) onto Big Rivers Bike Trail
9:12 AM 26.3 Turn LEFT (East) onto CR-45 [Lilydale Rd]
9:19 AM 27.8 Continue (North-East) on Water St W
9:27 AM 29.3 Bear LEFT (North) onto Harbor Road Raise
9:28 AM 29.5 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Plato Blvd W
9:29 AM 29.6 Turn LEFT (North) onto Water St W
9:32 AM 30.0 Turn LEFT (North) onto Wabasha St S
9:34 AM 30.4 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Kellogg Blvd E
9:37 AM 30.9 Turn LEFT (North-West) onto Wall St
9:39 AM 31.1 Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto SR-5 [7th St E]
Turn RIGHT (south) onto Bruce Vento Trail
Turn LEFT (West) onto Gateway Trail
10:30 AM 40.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Cayuga St
10:32 AM 40.6 Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-55 [Jackson St]
10:36 AM 41.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Valley St
10:37 AM 41.3 Turn LEFT (South) onto Capitol Heights
10:38 AM 41.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Charles Ave
10:38 AM 41.4 Turn LEFT (South) onto Cedar St
10:40 AM 41.7 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Aurora Ave
10:42 AM 42.0 Turn RIGHT (North) onto Park Street
10:43 AM 42.2 Turn LEFT (West) onto Como Ave
10:46 AM 42.8 Bear LEFT (West) onto Minnehaha Ave W
10:50 AM 43.4 Bear RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s)
10:51 AM 43.5 Bear RIGHT (North) onto Pierce Butler Route
10:55 AM 44.2 Turn LEFT (South) U of M Transit Way
11:27 AM 50.1 Stay on SE 5th St (West)
11:28 AM 50.2 Turn LEFT (South) onto SE 18th Ave
11:36 AM 51.5 Turn LEFT (South-West) onto 3rd Ave SE
11:37 AM 51.7 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Main St SE
11:38 AM 51.7 Arrive 245 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
I could make that...Shad
Sep 16, 2002 7:24 AM
I don't post much due to time constraints, but I'm always here M-F. I live in Apple Valley and actually hooked up with the club I ride with through someone I met on this site a couple years ago. (JBergland) It would be cool to meet some other locals. I can make almost any Sunday ride. Sounds like a great route. It may take me a few pedal RPM's to wake up if we start at 7 though!


PS Here's a link to our club's website. I'm the big goon in the front center of the group shot taken after our annual double century a couple weeks ago.