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Who makes best rain jacket?(6 posts)

Who makes best rain jacket?seatown7
Sep 14, 2002 6:40 AM
I'm looking for a new rain jacket for commuting in Seattle. Anyone out there have a favorite? I'm looking for something "high vis"...So lets hear it!
Louis Garneau, inexpensive, not high vis though! (nm)rtyszko
Sep 14, 2002 7:09 AM
Sep 14, 2002 7:54 AM
I have such a nice rain jacket made by an Italian company called Magic. Its a neopreme material with a fleece lining, comfortable, warm and breathable. Also I have it in a red color which makes it quite visible.

What I saw in Seattle...cory
Sep 14, 2002 6:55 PM
I live in Reno, where we get seven inches of rain a year. But when I was in Seattle last year, I saw a lot of people riding in ponchos. If you have fenders on the bike, they keep off the spray, the poncho keeps off the rain, and air can circulate underneath so you don't get sweaty. Rivendell used to sell a nice waxed cotton poncho with thumb loops, but a cheap yellow surplus-store one would work just as well.
Ponchos are great in limited circumstancesRay Sachs
Sep 15, 2002 5:18 AM
Wonderful for short hops around town, relatively short commutes, etc. All the ventilation in the world and, along with fenders, will keep you dry in any relatively vertical rain. But if you're out on a long ride and trying to make a bit of time, a poncho flapping in the wind is really a burden to ride with, is a sail in the wind, and just gets really cumbersome after a while. I've tried 'em all and only use ponchos around town.

the Seattle jacket of choicegtx
Sep 14, 2002 7:19 PM