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About the ebay auction (what next)...(10 posts)

About the ebay auction (what next)...dcm311
Sep 13, 2002 5:30 AM
Extremely lucky for me the winning bidder e-mailed me seconds before the auction closed saying he bid to much and won another bike he didn't think he would. He was very polite and I was very happy to recieve that e-mail. Letting my Siena go for $1650 would have sucked. Anyway, I still have a too small bike and am not sure what to do now. I don't think relisting on ebay would be a good idea because bidders would expect a lower price. I don't have a credit card to list on the marketerplace. Is there anywhere else I can expect to sell it?
Do a search for...PsyDoc
Sep 13, 2002 5:55 AM
..."free bicycle classifieds" or something to that effect and you should find a number of outlets.
And here are the link to the other auctionsdcm311
Sep 13, 2002 5:58 AM
including the ones that didn't meet the reserve. (Siena w/105 at $300 still bidding) (Siena that's exactly the same as mine except with junky plastic wheels $2100) (Siena w/ 105 $1500 terrible pics) (Siena w/105 no pics $760)
If anyone has down time at work I'd appreciate if they'd look at my auction and tell me what these other ones have that I don't.
Doesn't eBay list it 2nd time for free?Captain Morgan
Sep 13, 2002 6:07 AM
I thought that their policy was that if your item didn't sell due to lack of bids, reserve not being met, or lack of buyer performance, then they would list it a second time for free. Just list it again and put in a reserve price. What do you have to lose? I have seen MANY things (not necessarily bikes) not bid on the first time but then have a lot of activity the second time.
Don't you think if I list it again...dcm311
Sep 13, 2002 6:11 AM
prospective buyers will expect a lower price and not bid as high? I think they'd think that I was just desperate to sell it. When using a reserve do you let the bidders know what it is?
Don't you think if I list it again...Captain Morgan
Sep 13, 2002 6:56 AM
You do not have to state that it is a re-list. If someone were to research on eBay, they could find your old ad and make the connection to the new one, but I suspect many people won't bother. By having a reserve price, you ensure people that you have a minimum price you would accept. That does not "sound like you are being desparate" to me.

As you may know, the buyers cannot see what your reserve is. You will probably get emails from people asking what it is, and you may disclose it if you want to. One time someone asked me what my reserve was, I disclosed it, and he immediately bid the item at that price.

Good luck.
re: About the ebay auction (what next)...jrm
Sep 13, 2002 6:28 AM
Not everything will sell on the 1st try. it took me three tries to sell a frame on ebay, but i did get a pretty good price. Ebay is nice because it requires the buyer to somwhat commmit to the seller. Whereas with most free classifieds you end up sending replies and pics to people and never hear from them again. Relist the item and make the 1st bid the lowest price that youd be willing to take for the item.
re: About the ebay auction (what next)...PMC
Sep 13, 2002 6:29 AM
You could try a newsgroup such as rec.bicycles.marketplace

I've sold quite a bit of stuff off it with good success and it's free. Trying to sell a complete bike may be a bit tough so if you only wanted to dump the frame, it would be easier.
"Deadbeat bidder"filtersweep
Sep 13, 2002 7:21 AM
Technically speaking, you had a deadbeat bidder- ebay will show that you had a completed auction, but the buyer didn't come through- not only can you relist it for free, but you will likely receive sympathy points! No one would expect a lower price unless it didn't sell simply because it was a dud. The lateness of the season will likely impact price, however.
Try bikerideonline.comrrbfun
Sep 13, 2002 8:34 PM