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Rumsas: What his wife was packing for real(10 posts)

Rumsas: What his wife was packing for realSpunout
Sep 13, 2002 5:00 AM
The following are the substances and quantities seized from Mrs. Rumsas on July 28th:

3 flasks of Actovegin
1 flask of Norditropin penset 24 (growth hormone)
1 flask of TAD 600
1 flask of solvent for Norditropin
1 injection of Actrapid Novolet (insulin)
1 box of Spascupreel
1 box of albumine humaine 20 %
1 box of Ubichinon Compositum (co-enzyme Q)
2 boxes of Thyreoida Compositum (hormone extracts)
3 boxes of Testis Compositum (hormone extracts)
2 ampoules of Coffeinum (caffeine)
1 ampoule of Celestone (anti-inflammatory)
1 ampoule of Benexol B12 5000 (vitamins)
3 ampoules of Ketonal
3 flasks of Kenacort retard (corticoids)
1 box of Toco 500 (vitamin E)
1 bottle of sodium chloride 0.9
3 capsules of No Spa Forte
15 capsules of Durvitan (caffeine)
10 ampoules and one tablet of Pentohexal 300 (vasodilator)
1 box and three tablets of MAG 2 (magnesium)
12 capsules of Ozothine
15 capsules of Optalidon
2 packets of Eurythrox 50
2 boxes of Immunoferon (immuno-stimulants)
2 boxes of Trofalgon
1 box of Androderm (testosterone)
6 capsules and one ampoule of Alphalipon (improves nervous functions)
2 tablets of Stilnox
4 capsules of Oltramp
30 tablets of Bentelan (corticoids)
30 tablets and 4 ampoules of Voltaren (anti-inflammatory)
3 tablets of Praxilen
1 tablet of Cafiaspirina (caffeine and aspirin)
1 ampoule of sterile water and one flask of Haes-Steril
1 flask of Geref (enhances production of endogenous HG)
Funny they list all that stuff...Wayne
Sep 13, 2002 5:13 AM
the bad shit is all mixed in with a bunch of over the counter stuff (caffeine, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) and pseudo-meds (homeopathic junk and "hormone extracts"). It certainly does look like someone's own little traveling pharmacy though, doesn't it?
how much of that is banned?(nm)aet
Sep 13, 2002 5:19 AM
What is it all?PaulCL
Sep 13, 2002 5:19 AM
To those of us who are pharmaceutically challenged? I recogonize the caffeine, vitamins, etc.....but which stuff is the 'bad' stuff??
Sep 13, 2002 5:34 AM
the actovegin is banned because it's a blood doping product (although I think it's controversial if it works). But the growth hormone and insulin are definitely banned and several different corticosteroids (kenacort is the one I recognize as a favorite doping agent). Also anabolic steroids, Androderm which sounds like a testosterone skin patch of some sort, supposedly hard to detect when delivered this way. I don't recognize any EPO though but I don't know all of the trade names. Funny to have all that stuff but not the one drug that's been demonstrated to be highly effective in improving endurance performance.
brilliant .....gonna write a screenplay to send to gus can santSpirito
Sep 13, 2002 6:14 AM
perhaps some catchy title like "Drugstore Cyclist".

he hehhe

i still think they should stage races just on style alone - im sure i could come top 5 in a few stages. the manufacturers would still sell stuff, we could all be hero's and maybe, just maybe the sport would endure a run of credibility as we would see the return of masters like merckx, poulidor, de vlaeminck, roche et al.

Style et luxe de france, Costume Nacional a espana, Prada d'italia ..... its just sexier than skinny guys with veins, sweating and panting and its just as much a subliminal homoerotic event anyway. im sure womens cycling would recieve more TV coverage as well. imagine phil liggot and martha stewart as co-commentators?

lance's edict of "its not about the bike" would come to fruition as we would all be running around spending major coin to replace ego with vanity. im sure akirasho would have immelda marcos in to consult on his 70 pairs of detto pietro's, grzy would finally shave, ahimsa would blaze a trail by offering an interpretation of fausto coppi as inspired by ziggy stardust, and elefantino could show cippolini a few tricks about wearing bright colors to be noticed..

podium chicks for all i say.


(p.s. spirito just received many wool jerseys and is itching to show off)
Wow, her dog must be real sick...<nm>klay
Sep 13, 2002 6:57 AM
It is a hard core junky listMaartin
Sep 13, 2002 7:37 AM
You could easily die from all this stuff if you are not paying
Someone needs to send her to Mr. Mackey. . .js5280
Sep 13, 2002 10:11 AM
What kind of defense?TypeOne
Sep 13, 2002 11:50 AM
How could anyone caught with that stuff have any argument that they are innocent? Geez, only Rumsas' negative blood tests cast some doubt on things, but if the crime is possession, not use, then it's no issue. Take your punishment, Raimondas, and go to France. And get your wife out of jail. You are a real prince to hide out at home while your wife sits in a French jail for helping you to cheat.