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Mountain Bike Convert(5 posts)

Mountain Bike ConvertDady
Sep 13, 2002 4:55 AM
Hi all! I'm a wanna-be road biker. I've been doing upwards of 50 miles a ride on my 30 lb mountain bike with knobby tires and camel back blowfish. Now it's time to get a road bike. My strategy is simple. Start with a lower end bike, ride for a few years so I can get a grasp of the sport, and then go out and buy something REALLY nice.

Type of riding... I like longer rides. I will go as fast as my body will let me. I prefer to stand and power up small to medium sized hills of low to moderate slope (I find this significantly less taxing than staying seated and pumping a lower gear). I hope to be able to do a century sometime next year. I have a competitive spirit, and ride as hard as possible. I weigh 200 lbs and am 5'11" tall.

My price limit is $900 for my first bike. I have a preference for steel, but maybe my price is too low to get a high quality steel frame. I know almost nothing about road bikes, so would you please provide some suggestions for bikes I should check out in this price range, given the type of riding I prefer?

Thank you!
I'm not a convert, I'm the total package....tronracer
Sep 13, 2002 5:26 AM
I too started out on MTb's. I still ride all my bikes though. I was in your situation last year. I wanted a road bike to get in some miles when mtbing wasn't an option. I knew I'd probably not race, so style and functionality were my ultimate goals. I spent $500 on a De Rosa steel frame, and super record components. In 1984, it was top of the line. A little heavy by today's standards, but boy is it a comfortable ride. Maybe in a few years (when I can afford it) I'll get a real nice road bike, but for now my mtb is the expensive one in my stable. It's funny, my mtb is the lightest out of all my bikes, (even the track bike).

So I guess I'm saying what everyone else will porobably say....Buy used! Ebay and the classifies on this site are two great places to look. For $900, you can get twice the bike I got. Look at classic steel and campy, oh so smooth, components.
Actually that's not what most people would say......Uprwstsdr
Sep 13, 2002 5:46 AM
I am a recent convert as well. Actually a recent returnee. Anyway, this is a topic that comes up repeatedly on this board and a search for such terms as "newbie" or "first bike" or something similar will bring you to previous boards. The one consistent theme throughout all of the postings is FIT. Go to your LBS and get measured and try several bikes to see what fits you best, particularly since different manufacturers size their bikes differently. Once you get an understanding of what fits you best then you can begin to look for a used bike. However it is always a gamble to order a bike size untried (I happen to have been lucky and bought a bike through the classifieds on this site that I knew would fit me). This time of year many shops are having sales to clear out inventory. As you are an Mtber you may already have a good relationship with your LBS, check out what they have on sale and what deals they are willing to make. Get a bike that fits and enjoy the road!
re: Mountain Bike Convertmoabbiker
Sep 13, 2002 5:04 PM
Check the LBS' around your area, should have lots of closeouts this time of year. I went with a Giant OCR1 bike for $850. It's a great ride!
re: Mountain Bike ConvertPBWatson
Sep 14, 2002 8:50 AM
Buying used can get you a great ride at a reasonable price, but fit can be a concern. try to get your measurements & be ready to replace certain things on any used bike you buy to get the right fit dialed in. These will almost definately include saddle & stem & may also include bars, pedals & tires/tubes, chain (from wear). You may also want to check out your lbs. I know giant makes a roadbike for about $500 that has a great ride & would be a good starter bike. Its a little heavy but is a real bargain.