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oops wrong turn, nice bike ride though(4 posts)

oops wrong turn, nice bike ride thoughbm
Sep 12, 2002 6:29 PM
biked from calbassas,CA today, not knowing where i was going. took mulholland hwy to old topanga and made a left instead of right. ended up at the PCH. oops. thought of going back towards santa monica, but decided to turn around and trek up the hill i just dropped at 40+ mph. to get back to my start, i retraced the hwy until old topanga and continued with way i should have gone orginally. made a few guesses . . . finally home . . . foot . . .ah
if anyone's looking for a nice route . . it was a solid ride. starts out flat and then climbs like your heart rate. two major climbs - mullholland and old tapanga . . . but the descents are worth it.
Sep 12, 2002 8:27 PM
That's a nice ride. However, humping up Topanga from PCH with cars whizzing by and little shoulder to work with isn't much fun. Last weekend I worked my way through Calabasas and went over Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon to PCH and came back through Santa Monica. If you want to go over the Santa Monicas to PCH, Latigo Canyon beats Topanga and Malibu Canyon. If you see a guy out in the Santa Monicas on a blue Strong, it's probably me.
where's latigo canyon?bm
Sep 12, 2002 10:05 PM
i guess i could look on a map, but i'm lazy.

where's latigo canyon? in relation to sunset, malibu, topanga, santa monica, palisades . . those are the big names i know because i'm rarely down in la.
where's latigo canyon?legs
Sep 13, 2002 7:27 AM
latigo is a little further north in malibu.. but not as far as point dume..

the climbs you missed were Piuma and Stunt..
Stunt is one of the best mountain decents in the world..
and Piuma is an amazing climb..I think it is one of the best isn So Cal...
and then there is seven minute hill.. aptly named after thurlow rogers time..(impossible to do in seven minutes flat).