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new bike, fit question(5 posts)

new bike, fit questionTenny24
Sep 12, 2002 12:53 PM
hey guys,

just got my new OCR3 and was out for a quick spin on it, i cant believe how fast it is, hitting 45km/hr on a slight uphill was no problem, would never do that on a mountain bike! Anyways, i couldnt get it sized properly because i didnt have my riding shoes, I had dress shoes on. Its pretty close, it feels about right but I was getting a pain in my neck, i think that it has a lot to do with my riding position, i keep wanting to look up more, like on a mountain bike. Is this just a simple adjustment off the stem? or is it more likely to be my style of riding, just need to get used to riding on a road bike? So far I LOVE the bike, it shifts perfect, go SORA lol.
Sounds to me like your handlebar is a little too low.Spoke Wrench
Sep 12, 2002 1:53 PM
You can raise them by changing the angle in the adjustible stem. Doesn't that sound simple?

Course if you do that, You'll have to rotate the bars in the clamp to make them level again and you might not have enough cable housing and doing all that will move the bar closer to you which changes the fit and feel of the bike all over again.

Good luck.
re: new bike, fit questionfbg111
Sep 12, 2002 2:35 PM
I spent about a month on an OCR1 before exchanging for a TCR2, but during that time I adjusted the handlebar down. It was easy, you just need a couple of allen wrenches and a level. However, adjusting it up might stretch the brake/gear cables, as Spoke Wrench pointed out, so pay attention to the cables as you do it.

Actually, you might want to leave it in place for a week or two and see if you get used to it. You'll get a lower, more aerodynamic form if you can.
Handle Bars too High?StewK
Sep 13, 2002 1:38 PM
Could be that your bars are too low, but it could also be that they are too high. If the bar is too high it could cause you to ride in a somewhat crunched position that you might not realize. It's happened to me. You might try lowering the bars or getting a longer stem.
re: new bike, fit questionronniedee
Sep 14, 2002 6:31 AM
I just got a new roadbike about a month-and-a-half ago. I experienced the same pain as you in the upper back and neck. After about 2 weeks, my body adjusted. On longer rides, I may still get a little tight up there, but find that standing on the bike helps to alleviate this. Standing is recommended anyway to prevent problems in the crotch area for men.

Also, pulling the chin down toward the chest stretches that area and provides great relief. I am not sure how extreme your position on the bike is, but I'd try to see if your body will adjust before trying to make adjustments on the bike.

One more thing, I have the guys at the shop take a look at your position and see what kind of feedback they can provide. They should be happy to do that. I frequently see customers at my LBS setup on a trainer having their fit checked. They may be able to see whether an adjustment is necessary right away.