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frame: Eddy Merckx Team SC or Giant TCR Team(7 posts)

frame: Eddy Merckx Team SC or Giant TCR TeamMaverick
Sep 12, 2002 8:22 AM
i now have a choice between EM Team SC and the Giant TCR. Currently riding a Trek 2300 carbon tubes plus AL lugs, Mavic Cosmos wheelset, DA and Ultegra components.

below are the options i have:

1. get the Team SC road frame only


2. get the TCR frame plus new Mavic Ksyrium SL

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
re: frame: Eddy Merckx Team SC or Giant TCR Teamacp
Sep 12, 2002 8:26 AM
Merckx Team SC (nm)
Eddy Merckx Team SC (nm)mmaggi
Sep 12, 2002 8:37 AM
A lot of people here will suggest you get the Merckxelviento
Sep 12, 2002 9:10 AM
But you gotta look at these things:

1. how important is image and the feeling of pure euro hardcore ridership to you? Italian v. Taiwan? Note, the merckx fork is actually made in Taiwan, which you might want to know.

2. how do you like the compact design? It's a personal taste thing, and no one can decide for you.

3. giant has a 3-size-fit-all concept, so if you are between their sizes, are you willing to settle for extra long/short stem/post? DOn't forget the weight distribution and handling will be affected even if stem/post adjustment will arrive at the same body position for you.

If you can sort out these questions, then you can make your choice. Oh, I have had good luck with Giant's warranty, not sure about EM.
Do you want to ride a Ferrari or a Camaro??Quack
Sep 12, 2002 9:42 AM
Both bikes will serve the purpose, but one will look much better doing it. You already know from riding a Trek that everyone's got one, and Giant isn't much different. Mega-production bikes have never been of much interest to me, even if they are superior in design.

re: frame: Eddy Merckx Team SC or Giant TCR TeamMcAndrus
Sep 12, 2002 10:17 AM
I just bought a TCR frame and fork but if I had the money, I'd have bought the Merckx instead. Don't get me wrong - I'm quite happy with the TCR. I've never ridden the Merckx but then I've never ridden a Colnago C40 either. But the overwhelming body of testimonial evidence says the Merckx is one of the better rides out there.
I have a Merckx Team SC.....You should too!!!!!!!dirthead
Sep 13, 2002 6:37 AM
The Merckx is a much better ride, in my opinion, than the TCR. The quality in every way is just better. The feel of the frame underneath you cannot be compared to a TCR in any way.

This is just my opinion, but I have ridden both and seriously considered a TCR Team before riding the Merckx. If you buy the TCR, you will always wonder if the Merckx would have been better. If you buy the Merckx, you will never think about a TCR again.