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Casati Laser Carbino(2 posts)

Casati Laser CarbinoWRG
Sep 12, 2002 2:38 AM
Anyone have experience with this bike? Is steel still "real" with carbon seat stay? Thanks
re: Casati Laser Carbinommaggi
Sep 12, 2002 8:59 AM
I own a Casati Forma (2000 - SC61.10 AL tubing). I can tell you that Casati makes some great looking and performing frames.

They have a knack for producing high quality frames. Their expertise is in steel (you're in luck) and they have also elevated their expertise in working with AL.

I have read nothing but good reviews in Italian magazines re the Laser Carbonio. The tubing (Deda EOM 16.5) is geared for lighter riders, but that's what they said re the SC61.10 and I've had no problems with that (I weigh 190lbs). My frame is stiff and very responsive even after 4k miles.

What I keep hearing re Casati is that they're artisans: the last of the true framebuilders that pay attention to detail in Italy. Smooth welds, internal cable routes, integrated headsets, matching stems and internal seat posts are just some of the features available for these frames. How many frame builders make a steel frame with an integrated headset that weighs in at 1.3kg?

Their paint jobs are beautiful too. I would have no problem putting them up against a Colnago or a Pinarello.

Who are you thinking of purchasing from? Try Tony Karklins That's who I purchased mine from.