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help with my headset(14 posts)

help with my headsetDave W inUT
Sep 11, 2002 8:51 PM
So I put a new stem on my bike and when I tightened down the headset (the stem was not tightened on) it wouldn't firm up. I couldn't get rid of the slop then I loosened it upo and thigtened it again and it hust got worse. any toughts or do I need to replace it. Oh it is a cane creek c1.
this is what appears to have gotten looseDave W inUT
Sep 11, 2002 9:06 PM
when I loosened it and retightened it. Where my finger is pushing it seems to be loose. The part of the headset in contact with the headtube seems to be in snug. you can see that I pushed it over some if you look at the right side of it.
re: help with my headsetDave Hickey
Sep 12, 2002 3:24 AM
Dave, I'm assuming your tightening the headset by adjusting the top cap. Is it possible the star nut inside the steerer tube is slipping? If the star nut is slipping, you won't be able to get the headset tight.
Make sure the dust gasket/clamp is under the top race . NMSpunout
Sep 12, 2002 3:51 AM
Did you repack the grease when you put it back? (nm)NJRoad
Sep 12, 2002 5:02 AM
re: help with my headsetjoekm
Sep 12, 2002 4:52 AM
I had headset problems recently and I called Cane Creek customer support. The person I talked to assisted me in troubleshooting the problem. I would recommend that you give them a call.

Not knowing exactly what you did when you replaced the stem it's hard to determine what the problem could be. You might check to see if any foriegn matter got in the lower bearing and/or if there was any bearing race damage. Alternatively, insure that you are actually getting pre-load from the top cap. However, since you said that the stem was not tightened, your probably are unless the cap is not in contact with the stem for some reason.
Simplest possibility.Spoke Wrench
Sep 12, 2002 5:09 AM
I'm betting that your new stem is a little less tall than the one it replaced so your top cap is bottoming against the steer tube. If I'm right, a small stack spacer under the stem will solve the problem.
couldn't you just loosen the star nut and push it down farther?nbill
Sep 12, 2002 6:15 AM
I'm with SpokeWrench on this one...Quack
Sep 12, 2002 6:55 AM
Your stack height may have reduced with the new headset bringing your steerer tube in contact with the top cap before the headset was compressed. You should have about 3-7mm of space between the top of your steerer tube and the top of your stem. Any less and the recessed top cap may hit the steerer before doing it's job.

One other note, make sure that your star nut is sufficiently recessed into the headtube. By wrenching hard on the top cap, you can actually pull the star nut right out of the tube. Since you can feel play in the top cap with it tight right now, I would add a 5mm spacer to the stack and see how it works. If it's tight, tighten the stem down, remove the top cap, and check how much space you have between the top of the stem and the steerer tube and adjust your spacers accordingly.

Good luck!

ok, why are you guys talking about adjusting spacers whenbill
Sep 12, 2002 7:12 AM
I would think that you could just push the nut down (sounds like that's the problem to me, too)? I'm not trying to be silly right, I'm jes' trying to learn.
ok, why are you guys talking about adjusting spacers whenDave Hickey
Sep 12, 2002 7:16 AM
If your steertube is flush with the top of the stem, there is no room for adjustment. The steerer tube must be a couple of millimeters below the top of the stem.
you are right, sir. my bad. I suppose you also could sand offbill
Sep 12, 2002 7:48 AM
a couple of mm, if it's a carbon steerer, without increasing your stack height.
you are right, sir. my bad. I suppose you also could sand offDave Hickey
Sep 12, 2002 8:04 AM
Sanding would work fine. I'd just make sure that's the stem you want to use. If the stem is shorter in height, than other stems, your limiting yourself to just that stem. On my LOOK 241, I have a Cinelli stem that is real short in height. Instead of adding spacers, I cut down the fork. I works great, but it's the only stem that will fit.
Simplest possibility.Dave W inUT
Sep 12, 2002 10:18 AM
I can't believe that I didn't think of that. I looked fand sure enough you were right.
THanks Dave