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Help!!! Creaks!!!(3 posts)

Help!!! Creaks!!!mjd
Sep 11, 2002 6:23 PM
Hi all. After about 1500 or so miles, I developed a creak in my bars/stem/headset. It arises when I hammer a bit on my bars, particulary when pulling up and down on each side when climbing or sprinting. Looked at Zinn and figured I needed to grease the clamp on my bars, so I did that. No fix. As I was concerned the problem might lie in my headset (which I have no business messing around with--still somewhat of a rookie) I brought it into my LBS. They overhauled my headset (which I may need to replace in a season or so, as there are grooves/indentions, according to the LBS guy) and the creak disappeared for about 150 miles or so.

It's back. I pride myself on keeping my bike running swift and silent (and really enjoy when it's running clean), and this darn creak is killing me. Any ideas/suggestions? Background: I've got about 2000 miles on this bike, LeMond Maillot Jaune (older 853) frame and fork (the purple/yellow year (what year was this, anyway?)), Campy Record headset (used), Profile H20 threaded stem, and I'm not afraid of tinkering, although I do not have much experience working on bikes (but's that part of what I want to get into as part of my riding).

Please help.
re: Help!!! Creaks!!!Spoke Wrench
Sep 11, 2002 7:38 PM
I'm betting it's the stem.

I'm not familiar with that particular stem, but it seems like most of the other Profile stems have two or three bolts that hold the handlebar. My bet is they aren't torqued evenly so the face plate isn't holding the handlebar square.

I'd take all of the bolts completely out, grease the threads and the base of the bolt heads and carefully reinstall them. Find out what torque spec. Profile recommends then use a torque wrench. If you're like me, the recommended torque will probably be about half of what I'd use on my own. Snug each bolt to about half torque and tighten them in turn until all of them are up to spec.
Grease the stem where it enters the steerer (nm)Kerry
Sep 12, 2002 4:31 PM