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Hello from a newbie (+campy question)(7 posts)

Hello from a newbie (+campy question)EenyBear
Sep 11, 2002 9:35 AM

I'm new here. I used to post a ton of stuff at and I know my off-road stuff inside-out. But now I'm trying to find my "road sense" after a lot of years away.

Kind of a disconnected day for me. Flags at half mast...
And, I was totally stalled by the inspirational post below in response to the Japanese family touring North America.

Anyway, I just bought a mint 1996 steel Marinoni Leggero with all Campagnolo Record (8speed). It came from a huge stable of bikes and had less than 500 miles on it. I feel the US$800 I paid was a gift and I plan to use it wisely. :)

Any tips from Campy riders out there? Any problem components I should be checking up on from time to time? Such as, special lube instructions for the shifters?

I acquired a new cassette (just in case) but am delighted to see that Campy still sells "discontinued" components - unlike Shimano and my resultant need to stockpile 8sp XTR.

Again, any comments are welcome - and at the risk of straying off topic... my sincere condolences to any and all who find themselves grieving today.

Be happy.
Welcome...enjoy the new ride. nmMXL02
Sep 11, 2002 10:04 AM
Welcome. I'm a Shimano guy so I can't be much helpDave Hickey
Sep 11, 2002 10:14 AM
but check out Their rumors page is saying campy is going to discontinue a lot of older parts.

Great choice in bikes. If you get a chance, please post a picture.

Get familiar with www.campagnolo.comMcAndrus
Sep 11, 2002 11:24 AM
For maintenance procedures my favorite source is It has oodles of technical documentation going very far back in time.

If and when you plan to convert from 8 to 9or10 speed you should also check out For a fee they'll convert shifters and they also sell cassette conversion kits.
Get familiar with www.campagnolo.comEenyBear
Sep 12, 2002 7:50 AM
Thanks for the reply and the links.
Lucky you!Steve98501
Sep 11, 2002 1:41 PM
It's not very demanding. Clean and lube the drive train regularly, which should be a lot less often than your mountain bike. I think mainly it's the chain. Keep it clean and lubed and it and the cassette will last thousands of miles. A few drops of lube on deraileur pivot points twice a season should take care of those. Same for shift and brake pivots. Have a shop regrease the headset every couple years. I've got 5,000 miles on one group, and it works as good as new. Actually, it shifts better than new.

Unless you're very young, the bike and group set may outlast you!
Lucky you!EenyBear
Sep 12, 2002 7:52 AM
Thanks for the advice. Makes sense. Cheers.