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eddy merckx ti frame question(4 posts)

eddy merckx ti frame questionblownpupil
Sep 10, 2002 1:15 PM
I am interested in reading people's reviews on either the majestic ti or millenium ti frames. Are these just litespeeds with different trimmings?

Especially interested in ride characteristics/stiffness, not as interested in how pretty the welds are.

Thank you
Litespeed manufacturers them, but with Merckx's geometryTig
Sep 10, 2002 1:52 PM
I have a Fuga, not the Majestic, but the geometries are all the same in the Merckx lineup. He's got a new carbon fiber model or two for 2003 that could be worth looking at. I know two riders who have the Majestic and they love theirs.

I don't like American crit geometries much after spending many years on them. I like a relaxed, long top tube configuration to stretch out on. Quick and twitchy handling is overrated in my experience. I like Merckx's longish chainstays and slightly lower bottom bracket for a stable ride. I didn't lose any responsiveness from the larger rear triangle thanks to the CF seat stays. The bike has incredible acceleration out of the corners. I have yet to have a problem keeping up with others through tight corners, so the stable handling design didn't sacrifice too much response.

Ti is great for long lasting and low maintenance, but if I were to buy another current Merckx, I'd go for the Team SC. It is the best received/reviewed frame since the C-40.
re: eddy merckx ti frame questionbigdeal
Sep 10, 2002 8:55 PM
I just got my Merchx Majestic (with Ouzo Pro fork) this past weekend and have put 50 or so miles on it. I rode a Lemond Zurich prior to this and can tell you the Majestic is by far a much more comfortable, yet crisper, ride. The Lemond also has 'century geometry' and I felt it was a bit sluggish, the Merchx is definately not. Well, I guess it's sluggish compared to a LS Ultimate, but then again what isn't?
Anyway, if you're going to go Ti, want the frame built by the Ti masters but don't want to be like everyone else on the road then definately look at the Majestic or Milenium. I wouldn't say it's a LS with different trimmings, I'd say it's a different bike altogether. I was in the same spot you were about a month ago so I test rode around 10 LS bikes, and even threw in the Team SC and Hyperion for good measure. You really can't compare the LS bikes to the King's; the Merchx (although built by LS) is by far superior.

Also bear in mind that Merlin, considered by some to be the cream off the top in Ti, is actually built under the same roof.....

If you do decide on the Merchx, go with Gary @ gvh once you're sure on the size.
re: eddy merckx ti frame questionblownpupil
Sep 11, 2002 1:42 PM
I currently ride a Lemond, and am pretty happy with it, but I want a lighter bike. Is Merckx's geometry very similar to Lemond's?