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Bonehead move of the day (i.e. wheel rebuild to follow)(1 post)

Bonehead move of the day (i.e. wheel rebuild to follow)jefajones
Sep 10, 2002 4:57 AM
I have a nice set of wheels I ride part of the time, velocity deep V laced to the newer nuke proof hubs with bladed spokes. They have proven to be quit durable and reliable wheels.

At any rate, I took my DA BB out this weekend and totally cleaned and greased everything. I'm speculating that my chain line must have ended up off a VERY small amount, everything testing out OK on the stand and in a short test ride.

So, I was out riding with a guy yesterday and shifted from the 53 down to the 39 and proceeded to drop the chain. I had already shifted up to my big ring in back before shifted the front (I know, I know). Therefore, once the chain up front dropped while on the big ring in back, maybe you can guess where the chain went due to the new chain line angle. Yep, right into the wheel. Needless to say, a few spokes have checked out but at least I was able to finish the ride . . . we just won't talk about how wide that rear caliper was opened up . . .