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Water in my rims(2 posts)

Water in my rimsAndy
Sep 9, 2002 8:58 PM
I rode at least two hours in the rain on Sunday. I noticed today that water was leaking out of the valve stem holes. This is the first time I've ridden in more than a sprinkle with these wheels, Rolf Vector Pros. Mine are the 2000 model year. I understand in later versions they have a drain hole drilled in each rim.

It's 11:00 pm on Monday night and I have a crit at 7:00 pm on Tuesday. Now I'm worried about racing on these wheels. I removed the tires and tubes and hung the wheels up so the valve stem hole is at the bottom. I also have a fan blowing on the rims to help dry the rim tape faster.

Once the rims dry out... is there anything else I need to be concerned about? I don't have any more Velox rim tape and I won't have time after work to replace the existing tape. Will the rim strips be OK once dry? Will the spoke nipples have any problems after getting wet?
Common problem for these wheels..DINOSAUR
Sep 9, 2002 10:20 PM
Common problem with the Rolf wheels. The inverted nipple chambers collect water. These are not good wheels for wet weather riding. The newer Rolf wheels have a hole drilled in them to allow for water drainage as you mentioned. When I get stuck in the rain (this is my second bike) I pull off the wheels, tires, tubes, let the wheels comepletely dry in the sun. I apply new rim tape, but the velox (it's made of cloth) should be O.K. as long as it is completely dry. One cure, I've read, is to apply silicone caulking around the valve stem hole as that's where the water seeps in. I've never tried it, I just avoid the rain if possible. I've had no problems with the nipples....