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recommendations for tights?(11 posts)

recommendations for tights?Aztecs
Sep 9, 2002 2:50 AM
Plan on riding a bit more after the summer (live in New England). What tights do you guys recommend? Chamois/No chamois? Plan on riding in weather 45+.
Pink, to match the tu-tu (nm)Breakfast
Sep 9, 2002 4:44 AM
You must get a lot of strange looks with that setup! (nm)Aztecs
Sep 9, 2002 5:16 AM
re Don't wear them in church or bars!dzrider
Sep 9, 2002 4:50 AM
I have tights warm enough down to 35F with a chamois and real warm ones without. Both work fine as do arm and leg warmers. I'd recommend getting a pair of leg warmers first. If you use those a lot and want to go colder, get a pair without a chamois next because you can use them over shorts you already own without washing them after every ride. Don't forget your hands and feet either.
re: recommendations for tightsChen2
Sep 9, 2002 5:39 AM
Fox Racing tights with chamois.
re: recommendations for tights?Becky
Sep 9, 2002 6:23 AM
I'm a big fan of the Performance Innova Polypropylene without a chamois. They're warmer than regular lycra/nylon tights but rarely too warm and wick really well. By skipping the chamois, they make toasty long underwear for cold days in the field or at late-season football games.

Just my 2 cents.

45+? just get some leg warmers then (nm)ColnagoFE
Sep 9, 2002 6:41 AM
Sep 9, 2002 4:33 PM
or knee warmers even. i find the "double layer" of shorts + tights to be annoying.

another option--knickers( i like to say both "k"s for fun!) are my personal faves above 40F.
re: recommendations for tights?Andy M-S
Sep 9, 2002 7:56 AM
Performance makes some nice lycra/cotton ones that you can pull on over regular riding shorts. The lycra/nylon ones seem to slip agains the shorts, these are much better, and fairly cheap (I think I got them last time for $20 on sale).

I ride in these when it's between 35 and 50 degrees.
re: recommendations for tights?methosage
Sep 9, 2002 1:52 PM
I wear them in much colder weather, but this is a great company.

they will make your tights to order (tailored to your measurements and you choose the material)

Friendly owners small mom and pop shop.
2 sizes too small!!!grzy
Sep 9, 2002 2:49 PM
Tights are good but can be a pain to take on and off. Zippers make it easier. I prefer ones w/out chamois and wear shorts under them so I can take them off. Leg warmers are a good option - you can slide them up and down.