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Need New Bike(11 posts)

Need New BikeKunfoochi
Sep 8, 2002 4:14 PM
I'm 15, and am looking to buy/build myself a new Dura Ace bike. I'm thinking it might be cheaper to just buy one. Question is, my LBS has a Dura Ace Trek(forgot model) for $1900, they said it was a blowout. Is this a good deal, and where can I find it cheaper so I can pricematch?

sounds great, keep looking just to be sure (nm)bm
Sep 8, 2002 4:54 PM
sounds great, keep looking just to be sure (nm)goose04
Sep 8, 2002 5:01 PM
u got to remember that you are still growing and if you spend that much in a bike and out grow it in a year or two........hope u get my point
Why Dura Acewink
Sep 8, 2002 5:01 PM
I am 44 and still do not have Dura Ace...I really think it is waste of money unless you are putting 5,000+ miles on your bike each year. Most average 2,000 miles per year riders can not tell the difference, I think a lot of it is ego. I would spend the money on a premium wheel set instead of the DA package. You are only 15... I would suggest to you that you put 5,000 miles on your bike over th next the 52 weeks, then you can justify DA..One mans opinion!
What model Trek? Hard to advise without knowing that. nmfbg111
Sep 8, 2002 5:17 PM
re: Need New BikeKunfoochi
Sep 8, 2002 6:03 PM
Well, I'm already 6'2", I only weigh about 125 pounds though. That's why I was planning on buying a bike with room to grow. I've been doing a lot of biking, over the summer I tried to do 30 miles a day. During the school year I won't be able to so as much, but I figure that the extra $300 or so for the DA won't make a difference over the fifteen years that I use this bike in my life. Another would be silly to build a DA bike around a Nashbar $150 aluminum frame, right? Because if I'm right and it is, it doesn't even pay for me to build it myself if I can get a carbon fiber frame with a trek bike, which they all are on the website. Thanks for all of the feedback, I'm going to try to go to my LBS after practice tomorrow and get the specs of the bike.
even ultegra's great . .bm
Sep 8, 2002 11:13 PM
DA is preferred by the pro's because it's light and cause they have sponsorships. the problem is that DA components wear down fast and with all the training miles, probably won't last as long as other component groups. if you can afford it, than go for it but i say that you may not need it.

you may know already (I'll post it anyway) that 105 and ultegra set-ups are just fine for intermediate . . . even skillful riders. the only $$ difference between 105 and ultegra is that the ultegra is about 1.0 lbs lighter. so, you could even save another 200-300 in $$ purchasing 105.

personally, i like to save money off stock bikes to buy costly accesories, jerseys, and race wheels. when i check out bikes, i look at frames and wheels. as long as a bike is 105, i could care less.

remember the title of Lance's book "It's not about the bike."


there are a lot of great deals on bikes for under the $1900 tag. i just bought a LBS Felt 50r for $1400 (ultegra with a great frame). there are cannondales . . . giant TCRs, OCRs . . . felts . . . specialized (hmm, maybe) . . . klein (made by trek, nice !, but $$ !!) . . . Cervelo . . . Look ($$ !) . . . Bianci (nice !) . . . Merlin (hmm, maybe) . . . Lemond (nice !) . . . KHS (hmm, maybe) . . . Jamis (hmm, maybe) . . . many more
even ultegra's great . .Kunfoochi
Sep 9, 2002 2:50 AM
So you're saying that Ultegra and 105 last longer than Dura Ace, because they're not so light and "flimsy?" You said the difference between 105 and Ultegra is 1 lb, what's the difference between Ultegra and Dura Ace? As far as quality, what is the difference between the three? My bike now weighs about 21-22 pounds, so I figured that I'd be getting the biggest performance increase with DA. If you have any specific bikes that you know are at a great sale at a website please don't hesitate to reccomend:)...

Durace lasts long time... I thinkchazman
Sep 9, 2002 5:48 AM
Durace uses titanium cassette sprockets. Ti case hardens with use which would lead me to believe that there would be a short breakin period followed by a long wear period. Similarly, they use a nickel plated set of chain rings to extend the life. The group-o costs twice as much as ultegra but there is no reason why it should not last for years.

The 105 group-o has gone downhill in the last couple years. The shifter-brake combo is garbage. Definately go at least ultegra in that department.
re: Need New Bikealiensporebomb
Sep 9, 2002 10:31 AM
When my full 105 TCR2 was being prepped for me to take it
home, they weighed it in the shop and it was just a bit
over 18 lbs with reflectors.

I suppose now that I've taken some of the reflector hardware off it's slightly less than that now.

That being said, the 105 components are pretty durable
and work well.

And, I suspect that if I lost twenty pounds that I'd be a
lot more effective on the bike than I am now versus trying
to lose a few ounches by removing components.

Dura Ace is really nice, but sometimes it's nice to have
something to aspire to.
re: Need New BikeKunfoochi
Sep 9, 2002 2:36 PM
Ok, here's where I dad went to Brand's bike shop, and I also went to our local bike shop with him. I think what they're offering me is a great deal, but let me know. It's a 1999 Trek 2500. Specs are:
Trek Alpha SL double butted aluminum
Trek Alpha SL Aluminum chainstays
ICON OCVL Carbon Airail Fork
Rolf Vector Pro Rims/Hubs 14 hole front 16 rear
Continental Grand Prix 3000 folding 700 x 25c tires
Fzik Pave Titanium/Leather saddle
ICON Oz 2014 aluminum seatpost
ICON stash ergo 7075 Aluminum handlebars
ICON Bordeaux Quill stem
Tange Seiki Vantage DL Headset
Dura Ace STI Shifters
DA Front Derailleur
DA rear Derailleur
Dura Ace Crankset
Dura Ace Cassette
Dura Ace Brakes
ICON De La Sole Clipless pedals

He gave me a price of $1800 on this bike. He also told me he could try to work out a price on a Trek carbon frame and build up Ultegra components on it, but I'm guessing that would be more. What I'm asking is, is this a good value? I got other prices on bikes but I'd say this was the best deal. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a carbon frame. Does this make a big difference?