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Up yours, TS Fay!(3 posts)

Up yours, TS Fay!MXL02
Sep 8, 2002 9:07 AM
Whhheww! Just got back from a great a little rain, but very little wind. Feels, I needed that. "Tropical storm?!...we don't care about no steenkin tropical storm!"
re: Up yours, TS Fay!Dave Hickey
Sep 8, 2002 3:25 PM
I was right with you. I only did about 25 miles becausee of the rain, but I was determined to ride today. I then spent the afternoon, in the garage, cleaning my bike.
You're lucky where ever you arehycobob
Sep 9, 2002 2:19 AM
I worked all night Friday in Freeport where the danged tropical storm came in...60mph winds and all. After the wind/rains quit Saturday night I hoped to get in a ride Sunday morning with the club; but no doing. While driving home Sunday morning after the 12hr shift the rains start up...again. I guess the "Texas Coastal Cruise" went on anyway without me, but I was just to beat. I had hoped to get in a 40mi ride this morning, but as I sit here , the rains are starting up yet another time...How 'bout them Texans!!! Second expansion team in history to win their opening game.