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Car Free 9/11/02(8 posts)

Car Free 9/11/02harry hall
Sep 8, 2002 8:27 AM
On this next Wednesday, you can actually do something to stall terrorism--park your car and you deprive Al Quaida et. al. of operating funds. Our "friends" in the Arab world (Saudis, etc.) have a documented record of funding anti-Western terrorism. Our driving habits feed the war machine of our enemies. Go carless for a day and actually act like you love your country.
couldn't agree w/ you more, but I know what people are gonna sayVO2_max
Sep 8, 2002 8:51 AM
Its so easy to put a flag on your car, but then to try and reduce your use of fossil fuels that takes a little more commitment.

Unfortunately, people are probably going to say " lets not let terrorists make us change the way we live" - which I completely agree with - we shouldn't - but I just don't include continuing are gas guzzling ways as one of the "ways we live".

Anyway, nice post Harry.

re: Car Free 9/11/02The Human G-Nome
Sep 8, 2002 9:03 AM
since i don't even own a car, i guess i'll join your protest.
I've been protesting for six years!!Spunout
Sep 8, 2002 10:21 AM
Okay, the American love affair with the automobile must be looked at. Especially bigger, more powerful automobiles. I was in Virginia in March (golf vacation) and one of the most amazing things to notice when driving across the border (from Canada) is that the size of the vehicles doubles.

On VB Blvd, I have never seen so many car dealerships. You want a bigger car, bigger SUV (Lincoln Navigator anyone?) or a Corvette in any colour, for they are all in stock! No cyclists to be seen anywhere. In Ottawa, if a few commuters on bikes ride together, they usually claim the lane(on a multi-lane) an NOBODY would dare honk at them.

For all of your sakes, please spread the word down there.
I am Car Free everydaysweetbuns
Sep 8, 2002 5:10 PM
No car payments, no garage, no gas, no car washing, no drivers license! Never learned, no desire!
I'll go along with that. (car free 365/year) nmhowl
Sep 9, 2002 5:40 AM
I prefer TV free & not relive the whole mess nmDougSloan
Sep 9, 2002 5:45 AM
re: Car Free 9/11/02mr_spin
Sep 9, 2002 8:01 AM
Ah, misguided idealism. How do you know the gas you are using didn't come from oil pumped out of East Texas, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, or Bakersfield, California? Can you be sure that it didn't come oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel or off Louisana, or maybe off the coast of Britain in the North Sea? Perhaps it came from Southeast Asia? Or from Kazakstan or Romania?

I'm all for reducing our dependence on oil, foreign or not, but this seems silly to me. The gas you are buying on 9-11 came from oil bought months ago. You hurt no one.