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my close encounter with a boat and its owner(3 posts)

my close encounter with a boat and its ownerrufus
Sep 7, 2002 3:30 PM
i was out for my ride today, along a stretch of road that has wide shoulders and decent pavement. usually on road like this, i'll ride just to the inside of the white line, out of the lane, but still close enough to be seen well and given room.

this section was just ending, as we were coming into a small town, and the shoulder narrows to less than a foot, the pavement is rough and cracked, even on the edges of the traffic lane. so i was riding in my usual spot, about 1.5-2 feet out into the lane, when i was passed by this large truck, hauling a boat. he barely moved left to give me room, and as the boat grew wider as it went up, i doubt if he missed hitting me by more than a foot.

as luck would have it, he pulled into a gas station just ahead, and i decided i was gonna confront him about this. so i rode up, about ten feet away, and said, "you mind giving someone some room the next time you pass them?" so he replies, going on about how i had four feet of bike lane, was riding four feet out into his lane, i should move over, what do i want, him to go into the other lane and have a head on, etc. i said "no, i don't, it's not a bike lane, and there's not four feet of shoulder there anyway, and how if it was his kid riding, his attitude would be different". he then says that his kid wouldn't be four feet into the lane, repeating everything he had said previously, and i can see that no matter what i say, it's not gonna have any affect on him, cause he thinks i shouldn't be out there anyway, and if i keep on, it's just gonna degenerate into shouting and possibly violence, so i just shake my head and ride away.

i was very angry, and a half mile down the road i realized that he may just pass me by again, and i didn't want to be on the road when that happened, so i pulled into a parking lot until i figured enough time had gone by for him to finish up at the gas station, and no sign of him. i guess he turned down the road that leads to the lake. i regret i didn't get his plate number and go to the police with a commplaint.
be carefuljeph
Sep 7, 2002 6:07 PM
when confronting someone. You never know how it will turn out, he could have been some wacko. Remember, you're on a 20# bike and they have a 4000# car. I know how you feel, I too have done something similar, and later thought about how stupid it was. People are just plain crazy - can you say road rage. It could go very badly for you. He's not going to learn anything from a conversation and it's not worth risking bodily injury to try and "teach" him anything. Just blow it off and ride...
be carefulrufus
Sep 8, 2002 6:09 AM
that's why i just rode away. i had no intention of starting a confrontation, i just wanted to make him aware of just how close he had come to me. but when i saw that no matter what i said, it wasn't gonna make any difference to him, i just ended it. but like i said, i had no intention of being on the road when he went by again.

i should have mentioned how much he would hate cleaning up blood and brains off the side of his pretty boat. maybe that would have made some impact.