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Wrong cassette?(4 posts)

Wrong cassette?haydensimons
Sep 6, 2002 6:59 PM
I started riding about a year ago and have ridden alone the whole time. In the past couple weeks I've finally started group riding. Here's the problem. I'm in Mississippi and we have rolling hills. There are a few tough long ones here and there but not bad. I've always kept my cadence failry low and now on group rides I can take the sprints. The problems start up on the last few hills back into town after about 60 miles. I try to spin but just can't. I end up getting dropped. Is it because of my cassette? I'm using 11/21. Obviously, before I get railled by some, I know I need to work on spinning, but would a different cassette help? Also, what can I do when I'm on my own to imporove spinning up hills? All help is appreciated. Have a good ride this weekend!!!
You can try a 12-23 or 12-25 cassette......gogene
Sep 6, 2002 8:13 PM
..depending on what you call 'rolling hills'. Also hill climbing ability comes with climbing hills. The more you do the better you become. Someone said, "It doesn't get easier, you just get faster". Go out and attack those hills! Again! Again!
re: Wrong cassette?rtyszko
Sep 7, 2002 6:39 AM
Hayden. You may get a few threads back that tell you that you're wasting your time with and 11 in the back to begin with, so let me be the first. Most cyclists will never use it, but having said that, I ran that same combo for years when I lived in Tucson because I found that the 11 was useful on long descents when I'd hammer it! You may not need to change your cassette, just consider using your smaller ring up front for the climbs. Also, a simple and useful strategy is to ride near the front of the group at the beginning of the "hills" so that you don't get completely spit out the back before the top. Sounds simple, but it works. Either way, the previous post is correct in saying that the more you ride hills, the better you'll get anyway.

Ride on.....

Bob Tyszko
Key questionKerry
Sep 8, 2002 2:39 PM
Are you lugging in the 21? You don't say so, but if this is the case then you will likely be faster with a larger cog. Once your cadence drops below a certain point, you become inefficient and can put more power out with a larger cog and higher cadence. As another poster said - LOSE THE 11. If you're using it, you're probably doing it to avoid increasing your cadence above 70 or so, and you know you need to learn to spin. The reason riders spin is not for instant power, but to sustain power over long periods. Once you have been mashing for 60 miles, your legs are shot and you get dropped on the hills. Learn to spin for the entire ride and your legs will be much fresher at the end.