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Retrogrouch seeks enlightenment on gloves(4 posts)

Retrogrouch seeks enlightenment on glovesMe Dot Org
Sep 6, 2002 9:27 AM
I've used crochet cycling gloves for 20 years, and since I've never had any real hand problems I've never felt the need to change.

So what's the deal with $40 gel-padded-greptile googly-oogly cycling gloves? I've never tried them, but are they worth the extra dollars?

And is the extra comfort worth sacrificing my crochet waffle-pattern tan line? :-)
re: Retrogrouch seeks enlightenment on glovesMrCelloBoy
Sep 6, 2002 10:29 AM
I'm having hell-of-fun amassing a big collection of different gloves now that I've got a decent paying job.

In order of use:

1.) Performance, Old retro-grouch crochet.
2.) Performance, Crosswind Windstopper full finger
3.) Lake, full finger Mtb gloves, late model
4.) Performance, OutLast thermal full finger
5.) SealSkinz, waterproof gloves full finger
I got your enlightenment right herebigrider
Sep 6, 2002 10:32 AM
I wrecked a month or so ago and did a Superman dive on a sidewalk at 25mph. I have both lycra backed gloves and crocheted back gloves. I was wearing the lycra gloves and when I landed on my palms and ripped the gloves off my hands thanks to the lycra I knew I wouldn't be buying anymore. I like the crotcheted ones better anyway and I am not a retrogrouch. My .02
Sep 6, 2002 5:57 PM
I had old crochet cycling gloves that I really liked. I tried new ones last year from BikeNashBar & the bagged out, so I sent them back. The old ones were a nice, tight fit which I liked. Maybe I should have shrunk the new ones.

Anyway the Century Gel gloves from PerformanceBike work well. The gel was great for a while, but I think it's being pushed to the bottom of the palm, which probably typical. I've used then for 2 seasons and I got them on sale, so I cann't complain.