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giant frame questions(6 posts)

giant frame questionsJohnIV
Sep 6, 2002 6:56 AM
Does anyone know if the 2002 TCR's decals are clearcoated? I ask because in some of the reviews for the 2001's, people said that their decals started peeling off after like 3 months. Also, is this frame twitchy at high speeds? Thanks
re: giant frame questionsRoadnMtn
Sep 6, 2002 7:25 AM
I don't know if the 2002's are. The 2003's are not, as I just got one, however I have had Giant bikes for the last 4 years now, and have never had a problem with the decals coming off.

The TCR is a compact frame design, and I wouldn't say it is "twitchy" (sort of a subjective term) but they do have a shorter wheelbase, which means if you are traveling at a fair rate, and sneeze, you could end up over in the next lane. They are very quick and very responsive, so if that is twitchy, then I suppose they are.
re: giant frame questionsbiketalk
Sep 6, 2002 9:54 AM
RoadnMtn can I ask which model 2003 TCR you bought and also what the colour is for next year?
re: giant frame questionsRoadnMtn
Sep 9, 2002 5:35 AM
Sorry this took so long...I have a 2003 TCR Aero, pearl white with blue and silver trim. I can't remember all the colors for 2003...I know the TCR 2, which was yellow, is now black. The colors for the various models changed for 2003, which Giant seems to do a lot.
re: giant frame questionsstr8dum1
Sep 6, 2002 7:46 AM
depends if u have teh anodized version or not. anodized = peeling stickers. painted version in under clear coat
re: giant frame questionsaliensporebomb
Sep 6, 2002 9:54 PM
I have the 2002 TCR2 (see pic). They are clearcoated.
I find that the frame isn't "twitchy", it's responsive
and quick. Try before you buy to make sure you like how
it feels.