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im tired of all this male/female gender category crap(9 posts)

im tired of all this male/female gender category crapSpirito
Sep 6, 2002 5:04 AM
its so boring and trivial. its just plain as day that there is much malaise and misunderstanding as to what constitutes male and female.

so Uncle Spirito will lay down the guidelines for all of us so we can have one definition of just what makes a cyclist either male or female. forget about chromosones and genitals as its not always the truth or an indication as to what sex the person actually is and just follow my easy to use reference below.

you know its a MAN when the cyclists legs resemble these:-
Spirito "man" 9/6/02 5:33am

you know its a WOMAN when the cyclist in question has legs similar to these (the high heeled boots are an obvious clue):-
Spirito ""woman"" 9/6/02 5:37am

so there, no more debate or opinions or technical points.

my theory is much more digestable and easier to follow - it also classes 99.9% of cyclists as male but this is consistent with other well proven and commonly known studies and resources such as Colorado Cyclist catalogues (of which there can be no denying is an authority on this matter).

i also have it on good authority that genitals dont maketh the man or woman from my Vietnam-Vet next door neighbour who has spent considerable time and money in Bangkok further researching this particular field.

its simple ......... top pic = male, bottom pic = female.

;-) ciao

*NB other refences used to support my arguement but not mentioned -

the entire back cataloque of "girls gone wild" video's.
howard stern.
the brooke burke appreciation society.
rare but highly lauded meeting notes from the 1st ever convention for "front -on" or "sandpit" cameramen from all the womens olympic long jump events.
I wonder if Aunt Spirito would agree? nmSantaCruz
Sep 6, 2002 5:31 AM
Those are the only 2 genders I know ofCaptain Morgan
Sep 6, 2002 5:34 AM
Well, maybe some hybrids, too.
3 genders, in most european languagesteamsloppy
Sep 8, 2002 10:40 AM
Languages like french, spanish, italian and the other Latin derivatives have 3 genders:
masculine, feminine and neuter

English has a relic of this in its pronouns: he, she and it.
modern day gender is set in "goals" and "aspirations" category.colker
Sep 6, 2002 5:54 AM
let's not be primitive. human beings are in control of their destiny. feel like being a man? sure! want to be a barbie doll? why not.. just do it! chose the right neighbourhood and you are fine.
A psychologist's perspective...PsyDoc
Sep 6, 2002 6:02 AM
...Sex refers to the genetic factors that are present which lead to physical and physiological differences between men and women. Gender gets more at socialization issues. Gender is all the nonbiological characteristics that society uses to differentiate men and women (Deaux, 1985; Kessler & McKenna, 1978; Unger, 1979). Gender is displayed by a host of cues and behaviors, such as style of dress, nonverbal mannerisms, hobbies and interests, occupations, personality traits, and roles in the family.

The gender construct has been studied as a personality characteristic. One of the most important breakthroughs in investigating gender was the development by Bem. For example, her Personal Attributes Questionnaire assess the extent to which one is masculine, feminine, androgynous, or undifferentiated. A person classified as masculine would score high on the masculine items on the scale and low on the feminine items. A person classified as feminine would score high on the feminine items on the scale and low on the masculine items. A person classified as androgynous would score high on both the masculine and feminine items. A person classified as undifferentiated would score low on both the masculine and feminine items.

Current thinking suggests that the ideal leader may need to possess androgynous behaviors or traits. The assertion that a good leader should be androgynous is in opposition to men's thinking that solely masculine behavior makes for an ideal leader (Cann & Siegfried, 1990). Support for the assertion that effective leadership is related to a combination of masculine and femininel behaviors comes from Kapalka and Lachenmeyer (1988). In this study, male and female participants holding management (experimental condition) and nonmanagement (control condition) positions completed the Bem Sex Role Inventory. The results indicated that individuals possessing management positions had higher androgyny scores than did nonmanagers, and this finding was stronger for women than for men.

An androgynous leader may be a more effective leader than a masculine or feminine leader for at least two reasons. First, an androgynous leader is more predisposed to tap his or her instrumental/masculine abilities to facilitate the task-oriented function associated with being a leader (e.g., Arkkelin & Simmons, 1985). This function would appear to be most directly relevant to overseeing subordinates' assigned tasks for a project and the completion of projects. Second, an androgynous leader would be more likely to tap his or her expressive/feminine abilities to facilitate more positive relationships between workers (e.g., Kapalka & Lachenmeyer, 1988). This function would appear to be most directly relevant for showing or demonstrating compassion and support for employees, which would maintain or perhaps increase worker morale.
Michael Jackson or Rosie O'Donnell for president- nmdzrider
Sep 6, 2002 6:18 AM
or Hillary Clinton......nmRode Warrior
Sep 6, 2002 6:38 AM
A friend of mine iscarnageasada
Sep 6, 2002 7:10 AM
researching a book that delves into why she thinks Jesus was androgynous. I'll tell her about those studies. I'm a little worried what will happen to her if she publishes it. She's Southern Baptist, if you can believe it.