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Trainer vs Road(2 posts)

Trainer vs Roadbear
Sep 5, 2002 6:55 PM
hey guys whats up with time on trainer? finnaly started doing some 30 to 45 min on the trainer bc I been getting home to late and when I get onthe road my power has gone up I would say a good 20%. I am even stronger and faster on hills. is this normal or is it that I need to round up my training with trainer time? I do nothing special. I would say medium resistence ( have a cheap trainer nothing high tech), 5 minute warm up, one leg at a time for 50 rpm each and then as hard as I can and finishg with 5 min easy. to think I dint do any indoor all winter, dummmm
My guess isscottfree
Sep 6, 2002 4:44 AM
assuming this is LESS time/effort than you've been doing outdoors this summer, you are seeing the benefits of rest and adaptation. You've been breaking yourself down all summer without resting anough for your body to get stronger, and your new regimen is finally letting nature take its strengthening course.

I always find myself a lot stronger in the fall, when the sun sets early and I'm forced to cut back my weekday road time drastically. When the weekend comes, I'm FLYING. (As much as a 50-year-old kneeless man can fly).