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Tenny, here's your OCR3 pic(4 posts)

Tenny, here's your OCR3 picCaptain Morgan
Sep 5, 2002 2:22 PM
This is the new 2003; the other color is red. A lot different than last year's yellow/black combo.

Sorry my digital camera is kind of cheap.
re: Tenny, here's your OCR3 picTenny24
Sep 5, 2002 3:21 PM
nice! how do you like yours so far? what do you think of the pedals? I find my feet a bit to big for them, i may have to take the straps off. I wear size 13 shoe. Unlucky number I guess! They are pretty well the same component wise right? I really love the yellow of the 2002 model, the silver looks awesome to though. I am tempted to go with the OCR2, which would probably piss of my LBS since they are assembing the OCR3 for me but oh well :) The main reason for my thinking is just to upgrade it, with the OCR3 you cant upgrade one piece at a time because its only an 8 speed :(
re: Tenny, here's your OCR3 picCaptain Morgan
Sep 5, 2002 4:06 PM
If I were you, I'd either go with the OCR3 and save money or go with the OCR1 to get the Shimano 105. Since you are a newbie and 250 pounds, I'd just stick with the OCR3 and then look to upgrade maybe next year as a "reward."

The clips are coming off this weekend and going with Shimano SPD (515's).

Also, what's up with your LBS taking a week to assemble?? Tell them you need it by this weekend or the deal's off!
re: Tenny, here's your OCR3 picTenny24
Sep 5, 2002 4:32 PM
it's taking a week because they have 3 stores in different cities. They have to get the bike from another store, they didnt have any OCR 3's in my size left, all they had was a medium. So they ship between stores every 3 days so I have to wait 3 days for them to ship it, then they said 2-3 days to put it together, then I have to go in for them to do the sizing and all that good stuff. I dont want to rush them, would rather give them a few days to put it together properly and not some rush job.