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What aero bike co. has best warrranty?(7 posts)

What aero bike co. has best warrranty?Mauceri
Sep 5, 2002 5:35 AM
Cervelo's and Softride's are only 5 year. That seems like B.S. to me.

My Seven Axiom Steel has lifetime.

Cervelo claims they have so much faith in their products...with offering a five year warranty, it sure doesn't seem so.

If I am buying a frame for 2K, you bet I am going to want a lifetime or close to lifetime warranty.

Any suggestions?

How is Griffen's warranty?
Another way of looking at itFez
Sep 5, 2002 6:04 AM
I am taking the aero aspect out of your post, but it seems that bike frame warranties are sometimes material specific. Steel and ti frames are often lifetime. Aluminum is often 5 years or less. Cannondales are an exception, but no one ever said Cannondale frames are cheap, even though they are pretty darn light and fast.

Litespeed Ti is lifetime. Litespeed Aluminum is 5 years. I think Specialized has different warranties for Al vs steel.

Anyway, Softride is an aluminum bike w/ 5 year warr. The suspension components are 1 year. Pretty industry standard these days.
re: Blade?cyclopathic
Sep 5, 2002 6:30 AM
check Litespeed. LA won TdF TTs on repainted in Trek colors Blade, it is also a TT bike for Lotto/Adecco.
Calfee Luna-15 yr, Tetra-25 yr.MXL02
Sep 5, 2002 8:38 AM
Both come in "Tri" versions.
re: What aero bike co. has best warrranty?mapei boy
Sep 5, 2002 10:31 AM
Just to put some oddball perspective on this discussion, Steinway, by general consensus the world's best piano maker and a company whose products are known to last a hundred years or more, has the shortest warranty in the business.
who needs a warranty?DougSloan
Sep 5, 2002 11:40 AM
Does that imply that if a product is well built, it doesn't need a long warranty? I note that what appears to be the longest warranty in the auto business is 10 years for Hyundai. Hmm.

I would never make a bike decision based on the warranty. I'd base it on the quality and features of the bike itself. If it's likely to break, I won't buy it -- period -- regardless of warranty. Warranty claims are a pain in the butt.

Longer than 5 years...hayaku
Sep 5, 2002 6:24 PM
Are you really going to have the same bike after 5 years? I hope you pick a colour that you like.

I don't know about the USA(I just assume you're from there) but where I live you can cover the bike for theft, faliure, damage to your bike, yourself, others and other's property for a tiny amount of money.

That is a better option for me because I know I wont have any trouble with the company paying up and I'm not limited to the same bike manufacturer for a replacement. I am covered fully for most bike related expences.

All frames will break in time(apparently) I reckon you should go for the best frame availible to you, for your race day needs.