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Questions about wheels (other than Ksyriums!)(2 posts)

Questions about wheels (other than Ksyriums!)mmquest
Sep 4, 2002 7:12 PM
I would like to get a set of new wheels and have pretty much narrowed it down to three choices, Ksyriums, Campy Eurus (yeah, I know the link isn't to Campy...can someone tell me why Branford Bike has 10x the info on these wheels that Campy does;), or FIR Galaxiums. The wheels breakdown like this:

Weight 1530g
Price $800
Aero Semi-profiled rims, bladed spokes

Weight 1560g
Price $670
Aero 28mm rims, bladed spokes

Weight 1800g
Price $795
Aero Deep section rims, bladed spokes

They are all roughly the same price. To me, the Eurus is probably the best wheel based on the above, while the Galaxium are an interesting choice due to aerodynamics.

The question? There is plenty of info on the K's, but I can't find many reviews on the other two wheels, especially concerning their strength. The one thing that really draws me to the K's is their durability; if I am spending this much on wheels, I want them to last! The Ksyriums look like a set of wheels you could ride a season of cross on and then use to race the next summer while the Eurus look like they would go out of true if you looked at them wrong. Anyone have any experience with Eurus or Galaxiums (or other FIR wheels for that matter)?

Thanks for any responses!
getting your 'bearings' on this decision...Spunout
Sep 5, 2002 4:01 AM
I do not have exeperience with most of the above equipment. But, one observation, I do have(and have had) record hubs.

If you want the best BB system, re-buildable, smooth and fast, why choose anything but Campagnolo? The Eurus has Record hubs (the insides anyways) and there is nothing better.