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How many actually use all the Polar HRM features?(6 posts)

How many actually use all the Polar HRM features?Fez
Sep 4, 2002 7:07 AM
I'm sure a lot of you have the Polar S710 or want one. But do you people really use all the features on the high-end Polar units? Do you actually set the interval timers and zone alarms and all that, and then come home and review the file and/or download onto a PC?

I bought a high end Polar instead of the basic model, but only because it had a 3 line display because I wanted stopwatch, time of day, and HR simultaneously without pressing any buttons during my ride.

I also have a separate cyclocomputer (The Polar one isn't that great anyway) so I can see HR info on one unit and speed/distance on another.

I figure even the mathematically challenged rider should know what his/her respective training zones are, once you know your AT and max HR numbers. And the interval timers are a pain to set, so I just eyeball the stopwatch usually if I am doing intervals.

So are these Polar features all just marketing fluff, or do serious cyclists really use them all?
re: How many actually use all the Polar HRM features?grzy
Sep 4, 2002 8:12 AM
My guess is that no one will use every single feature - and this is probably a good thing - otherwise you're a very serious geek. The S710 offers a wealth of features which allows you to pick and choose the features that you want rather than the "do it our way approach" of so many other HRMs. This really is an innovation. You can vary what you're using by sport, bike, workout objective, goals, etc. The flexibility is nothing short of amazing. Can you get by with a simple no frills basic HRM? Sure - I did for years. Now that I run a S710 I'm able to capture all sorts of info in one place and all synched up in time and when I get around to it I dump it to the PC while I'm doing something else and it keeps everything in a very nice log. Which can be reviewed later. This works if you're the compulsive type or the total opposite "Oscar type" who really isn't all that organized. The point is the unit works *for* you, not the other way around. Being able to set the watch on the PC via the link is so easy - no more complex button routines - just click a few menus and hit transfer. It's kind of hard to fully explain to someone the quantum leap in the technology and the paradigm shift - sort of like trying to explain the automobile to someone in the 1800's when they think horses are just fine. This is a bit of an exageration, but the concept is the same - how do you explain something to someone that they can't envision b/c they've never experienced it?

Put it this way - I doubt you could find any "serious" cyclist who has been using the S710 for any length of time and isn't a big fan.
re: How many actually use all the Polar HRM features?Franchise
Sep 4, 2002 8:21 AM
I have been thinking about buying an s710 because of the complete cyclocomputer and power upgrade. I think that this would be nice to have in a display, but does it get confusing? Also, is it hard to set up on a bike. I'm planning on putting this computer set up on all 3 of my road bikes. Are the extra wiring kits very expensive?

Should I just get a basic hrm and keep my ergobrain? Please advise.
re: How many actually use all the Polar HRM features?Thaddeus
Sep 4, 2002 9:20 AM
I think that polar makes a version s610 which has the functionality of the s710 but without the cyclo functions. This might be a good bet. You might not find it at a bike store, because it lacks the cycling functions but I have seen it on their site.

here, in the serious section.

I have used themPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Sep 4, 2002 9:14 AM
I have used the interval times on a number of occasions but like you said they are difficult to set and if you want to alter your workout midcourse by giving a bit more rest it is difficult at times. However, it really depends on your workout and how you like to do things.

The thing I really like about the watch is the computer uploadability which is great. Then once you have the computer setting zones and all that stuff becomes super easy and brainless to do.

I have a Coach and only use a fewColnagoFE
Sep 4, 2002 11:49 AM
the downloading thing was a waste of time for me. I use it as my primary watch and alarm clock on occasion. nice that it has a light so i can see what time it is in bed. stopwatch is used often. like the average HR and ability to have 3 HR zones with alarm. haven't used the interval function much but it is a nice thing if you do lots of intervals and want to be really precise about it.