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Yest another new bike question hehe(16 posts)

Yest another new bike question heheTenny24
Sep 4, 2002 3:22 AM
Hey Guys,

Went out looking at some bikes yesterday and the local bike shop had an 2001 model Oryx 2000 for $599 that was similarily speced to a 2003 Trek 1000 that they want $999 for. The 2003 Oryx is $1100, so its $500 off, he has had it sitting in the basement of the shop in the box for 2 years and just recently put it together, not a mark on the bike and i have never saw it in the shop before so the story checks out. THe problem is in the sizing, its a 58cm frame and I am 6'28, so pretty well 6'3. I road the bike and it didnt seem to bad, the handle bars a little low but he said he could raise them up. With mountain bikes i always buy a smaller frame then what they recommend, i just like the feeling of a small frame better. My question really is what are the disadvantages to going with that sized frame, is it worth the $500 in savings? There website is
re: Yest another new bike question hehepedaler98
Sep 4, 2002 3:28 AM
I've been riding for 10 years and have had professional fittings for two bikes. This past summer, I worked in my local bike shop. With this background, I can confidently say that that bike is way too small for you. Regardless of how much money you save, you will not be efficient or comfortable on that bike. You can't raise a stem on a bike to make it fit. The top tube will still be way too short. I would reccomend that you try out frames in the range of 60-62. Good luck.
re: Yest another new bike question heheTenny24
Sep 4, 2002 3:36 AM
well the guy at the bike shop said it was to small as well, but im thinking for $500 its only 2cm, it cant make that much of a difference. He also probably wants to sell me a more expensive bike. I notcied on this board on the post with what people ride there is a couple other guys my size with 58 and 59cm bikes. I dont want to spend the money on a custom fit bike, I have never been road riding before so I just want something to get me going.
re: Yest another new bike question heheredtwin
Sep 5, 2002 1:17 AM
I am new here and in the market for my first "proper" roadbike too, so I thought I would ask this here rather than start another thread. I have checked quite a few online sizing guides. I am 6'4.5" (6'5" when in a good mood) and according to the size charts, the proper size for me is 58cm. But here is someone with considerably more cyling experience than I have saying that a 58cm is "way too small" for someone even shorter than I am.

I think I followed the size charts correctly and from what I gathered one of the more important measurements (from a safety standpoint) is inseam or standover height. My inseam measures 32.5" which is 820cm(IIRC)and that translates to a 58cm frame. Did I follow the size charts incorrectly?. Should I ignore the standover height guide and buy a bigger frame even though I can't straddle it?.

From what I have read, buying an incorrectly sized frame can lead to uncomfortable riding if too small, such as neck and back pain. However, the first time I hop off the seat of a larger frame, the ensuing pain will no doubt make me forget all about my neck and back pain.

A local bike shop I visited offered no proper sizing, just told me I looked like a "large" when telling me about a Giant bicycle, never once suggesting that I measure anything. Should I trust this shop more than the sizing guides I have read?.
Bike fit is the first cut when buying a new bike.Spoke Wrench
Sep 4, 2002 4:09 AM
Fit affects your efficiency, comfort and fun every single minute that you are on the bike. Nothing else even comes close in importance.
Bike fit is the first cut when buying a new bike.Tenny24
Sep 4, 2002 4:20 AM
what do you guys think of this website? it lists the 58cm as being ok for my height.
Looks like a reasonable guide to me.dzrider
Sep 4, 2002 4:30 AM
I'd interpret the guide as saying a 58 may fit and a 60 should fit you well. It's all about comfort and feeling balanced and centered on the bike. Try a few 60 cm bikes and if the 58 still feels right, buy it. If it doesn't feel as good it makes no more sense than buying a suit that doesn't fit.
Looks like a reasonable guide to me.Tenny24
Sep 4, 2002 4:38 AM
He didnt have any 60's put together that I could try so I didnt get the chance to try out a 60. He is supposed to be putting a 60 together today i believe (2003 models) he does not have any older models left in 60cm.
This much I know for sure.Spoke Wrench
Sep 4, 2002 5:46 AM
The bike shop guy who has seen you on the bike, and who is motivated to sell the bike says it is too small for you.

A year or so from now you will have blown that $500.00 savings on stuff like wine, women and watermelon, but you'll probably still have this bike.
This much I know for sure.Tenny24
Sep 4, 2002 6:31 AM
$500 on women? shit hookers and blow will cost me at least 3 times that much :)

he is motivated all right, to sell me a Trek 1200 :)
Side issue: $999 for a Trek 1000?jtolleson
Sep 4, 2002 5:14 AM
He's either full of crap or Trek has significantly upgraded the specs on the 1000 for '03.
Side issue: $999 for a Trek 1000?Tenny24
Sep 4, 2002 6:31 AM
that is in canadian dollars, it works out to about $680 US
Side issue: $999 for a Trek 1000?jtolleson
Sep 4, 2002 10:36 AM
Whew. I was having an Alice-in-Wonderland moment.
I'm 6'2" and ride a 58cm bike....Uprwstsdr
Sep 4, 2002 6:27 AM
I am comfortable on it and bought it online. I have not had the opportunity to have fit yet. However, my inseam is 32". If your inseam is 34" or longer go for a bigger frame
I'm 6'2" and ride a 58cm bike....Tenny24
Sep 4, 2002 6:33 AM
I have not had a chance to measure yet, i know i wear 32 inseam pants though, 34 is to long for me. I would just measure but I am at work and would look a little funny with a tape measure up to my crotch lol
re: Yest another new bike question hehealiensporebomb
Sep 4, 2002 7:08 AM
Speaking as someone who had a bicycle that was too large
for me for the better part of two seasons, I can definetely
state that it's worth it to get something in your size as
opposed to getting a "good deal" that's inexpensive but in
the incorrect size.