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Derailor cleaning?(2 posts)

Derailor cleaning?Jay W
Sep 3, 2002 8:21 PM
When I rebuilt the bike my dad gave me last year I could not get the rust off the front derailer "the bike sat in his back yard for a year or 2" I worked at it a little but then through it on and said oh well. Now that I take the biek out a load for my road riding trips I find it is verry unsightly. Can anyone tell me how to remove the rust? Being as cheep as i am I would like to clean it up rather than buy a new one. Should I take my dremel tool to it then just paint it? "I would like to keep it chrome" Also my bike has the shifters on the lower tube I am told the newer bikes have them up near the break levers like my mountain bike. Can I just get those shifters and longer cables to convert my bike to this newer style? I like the idea of not having to take my hands off the bars to shift "especialy while going 40mpr LOL:)" Thansk in advance for the help
re: Derailor cleaning?GregJ
Sep 4, 2002 10:50 AM
If you can get the FD to work properly with cleaning, go for it. Otherwise, get a new one. The lower end Shimano stuff will be very cheap. Converting an old bike to modern components is certainly possible but it can get quite complicated and you may need A LOT of new stuff. Take it to a bike shop to find out, it really depends on what is currently on there. There is nothing wrong with having down tube levers. They work well and most veteran cyclists rode them for years and years without having any problems. Tour's de France were won with them, not all that long ago.