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Cervelo vs. Softride vs. other(3 posts)

Cervelo vs. Softride vs. otherMauceri
Sep 3, 2002 7:21 PM
I'm interested in a TT/Triathalon bike. I like the Cervelo's but there are many other bikes that look great.

Any suggestions?

Would you consider a softride or cervelo?
re: Cervelo vs. Softride vs. otherwilsonc
Sep 3, 2002 7:56 PM
I think you will find people in both the Cervelo camp and the Softride camp. They both have their arguments for and against each... In the end, it should come down to fit... Get a good, experienced person who has fit tons of TT/tri bikes and really knows what they are doing. They, in the end, will probably be able to help you make the decision based on fit.

You might also take a look at Felt bikes. I just picked up a Felt S22 for a good deal, and have fallen in love with it. Accelerates quickly, great positioning (for me), and budget. Plus it fits really well.

Plus, there are tons of other brands that make quality TT/tri frames. Griffen, Calfee, Kestrel, Trek, Quintana Roo, Litespeed, cannondale, yaqui, etc.

re: Cervelo vs. Softride vs. otherJBergland
Sep 4, 2002 7:29 AM
If you are looking to TT more, I'd go with the Cervelo. If you are planning to do more Tri-s, I'd suggest the Softride. As another post mentioned, there are many other brands/models to consider.

Good Luck!!