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Share the Road, a quiz. . .(1 post)

Share the Road, a quiz. . .js5280
Sep 3, 2002 2:15 PM
Found this story on-line (,1713,BDC_2493_1330673,00.html) . Since road ettiquite is a freqent topic, I thought I'd post it. Also it includes ettiquite for both drivers and cyclists. . .

Courtesy and sense should rule road
A quiz to determine if Boulder cyclists and drivers are really sharing the road

By Annette Osterlund
August 18, 2002

Are you a cyclist who endures rude drivers swerving and honking at you when you have the legal right of way? Are you a driver who sees cyclists flipping you off and screaming at you when you pass them? Is that because they don't know how to share the road with you? Or, is it the other way around? Take this simple quiz and find out.

Quiz for Automobile Drivers:

1) I am driving on a road that doesn't have a bike lane. A cyclist is riding up ahead as close to the right side of the lane as possible and I want to pass her, so I:

A) Honk to let her know I'm coming and speed up, maintaining my rightful position in the center of the lane, even though my side view mirror will brush within an inch of her left arm.

B) Maintain my speed and steer my car toward or beyond the center lane marking as I pass, leaving a safe margin between the bicycle and my car.

2) I need to turn right about 50 yards ahead. A bike rider is 20 yards ahead. So, I:

A) Accelerate to get in front of him and quickly make my turn.

B) Ease my foot off the accelerator and coast until the bicycle passes through the intersection, then I make my turn.

3) I am driving up a steep winding road behind a slow-moving bicycle and can't see ahead well enough to pass safely, so I:

A) Tailgate him until he gets the hint and pulls over.

B) Realize that the road will straighten out eventually, and slow down to follow at a safe distance.

4) I'm driving along the Foothills Highway when my 3-year-old suddenly has to "go." So, I:

A) Park my minivan in the bike lane and leave my driver's side door open to give her privacy.

B) Find a place to stop where the shoulder is a little wider and pull off, leaving some room in the bike lane.

5) When I approach an intersection, or exit a driveway, I look for oncoming bikes:

A) After I have made a complete stop in the crosswalk.

B) Carefully, as I slowly approach the intersection.

6) I am driving on a narrow, winding two-lane road and need to pass a bicycle at the same time another car is going to pass from the other direction, so I:

A) Proceed as usual — I'm a very busy person and don't have one second to waste on roadside courtesies.

B) Lift my foot off the gas and coast until the other car has passed, then steer around the cyclist.

7) I have finally found a parking spot downtown. Before opening my door to get out of my car, I:

A) Grab some change for the parking meter.

B) Turn my head and look behind me to make sure there are no approaching bicycles or cars.

8) I am driving on the right of a four-lane road with no bike lane and have to pass a bicycle that's up ahead, so I:

A) Grit my teeth and pass him, hoping I don't scrape the paint on the right side of my car. He should be riding on another street or on the sidewalk. Why should I go out of my way?

B) Merge into the left lane until I've passed him.

Quiz for Bicycle Riders:

1) My friend and I haven't seen each other in weeks. We finally get a chance to cycle together and we:

A) Ride side-by-side up Left Hand Canyon, so we can catch up.

B) Ride single file and get a great workout, then stop for brunch in Jamestown to gossip.

2) A car with a blinking turn signal is waiting in the right turn lane at the light. I plan to go straight through that intersection, so when I approach, I:

A) Assume the driver can see me in the side view mirror and curse and scream at her when she turns into me after the light