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What is this worth? Am I asking for to much?(5 posts)

What is this worth? Am I asking for to much?853
Sep 3, 2002 1:53 PM
I'm trying to sell this bike asap and want to make sure I am selling it at a resonable price.
I am willing to let it go for $750 w/ speedplay X-2 pedals and a pair of almost new road shoes w/ cleats.It has about 4000 miles in about 7/8 months. Which would mean I averaged 16.5 miles a day on it. Not very used but definetly not stored away for 7 months. Chain and cassette has been changed.
What do you guys think?
re: What is this worth? Am I asking for to much?zray61
Sep 3, 2002 8:19 PM
I think you are in the ball park. In fact I don't think
it is what you are doing that is a problem. It is
matching up with a buyer; that is, someone
who is looking for what you are selling at this
particular time.
Hope the match up happens soon .
yes-$400-500 is max,maybe less. If you want more try ebay. nmMXL02
Sep 4, 2002 3:45 AM
hey, post on rec.bicycles.marketplaceweiwentg
Sep 4, 2002 8:02 AM
not to steal RBR's thunder, but not everyone who hangs on RBM hangs out here. you might get that buyer.
personally, if I were looking for a nice steel bike (and if I were taller), I'd get yours.
honest opinion?tarwheel
Sep 4, 2002 8:21 AM
Put it up for sale on eBay, with a starting bid price as low as possible. As much as I love RBR, the classifieds here just don't work anymore since they changed the format. It takes forever to call up a page, and the search and sort functions don't work very well. In my experience, eBay seems to get the best prices for sellers. Just make sure you include a very complete description and lots of photos. And be patient because most of the bidding doesn't take place until the end. If that makes you nervous, set a reserve price -- but it won't attract as many bids.