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4 Covered Bridges. Ride Report.(19 posts)

4 Covered Bridges. Ride Report.MB1
Sep 3, 2002 1:46 PM
Well the weather report for the weekend wasn't all that good so I put the fenders on.

On Saturday we did one of our fairly standard rides-although we did stretch it out to 134 miles. We didn't get wet though.

Sunday it rained pretty hard so we stayed in town. Actually we managed to get pretty lost up in Bethesda somewhere-it was kind of fun. Got a little wet for 47 miles.

Monday, now that was the day to ride this weekend. It was overcast and cool most of the day, I was in the mood to climb.

We started out by climbing Catoctin hollow in the mist and damp.
Sachs Covered bridge circa 1852.MB1
Sep 3, 2002 1:49 PM
We worked our way up to Pennsylvania and Gettysburg. We were on a route our friend Crista put together-her rides tend to meander a lot to avoid traffic and to take in the sites. This is one of her best.

The Sachs Covered Bridge has been restored. It is amazing to ride through. Even better is closed to autos-but not bikes.
Richard Sachs makes bridges too?bianchi boy
Sep 3, 2002 6:59 PM
I tell you, the man's a genius. I didn't realize he was that old, though.
Sep 3, 2002 1:54 PM
We went off route for a while to take in the Gettysburg Battlefield. One of my favorite places.

The Maryland Monument.
The Tammany Regiment Monument.MB1
Sep 3, 2002 1:56 PM
I love this stuff, these folks had style.
Old Stone.MB1
Sep 3, 2002 1:59 PM
There are a lot of old stone houses and barns around here. I really think they are neat. Especially if they have been maintained as well as this one.
A brief glimpse of blue sky.MB1
Sep 3, 2002 2:02 PM
It was pretty grey all day. So grey I don't think we even saw any blue cars.

This is about the most blue sky we had. Good riding weather though. It was the coolest we had been since we returned from Montreal and a nice relief from the blazing hot summer.
Loys Station Covered BridgeMB1
Sep 3, 2002 2:05 PM
We actually did ride through 4 covered bridges. Sachs Bridge in Pennsylvania was the nicest. The rest were in Maryland and pretty much looked about alike and were open to traffic. Still it made for a pretty good excuse to wander all over the valley.
Sep 3, 2002 2:07 PM
There were lots of climbs too-right up to the end we were going up and down. We really enjoyed the ride. I think these horses should be pretty happy we didn't ride them for the 116 miles. Just short of 300 miles for the weekend.
Thanks Mark, you know I love the battlefield stuff (nm)Scot_Gore
Sep 3, 2002 2:23 PM
Wonderful sceneryTig
Sep 3, 2002 3:56 PM
Just wait until the Fall color change! I envy the places you two ride.
Camera question for you....newhouse
Sep 3, 2002 5:29 PM
could you give us some of the important specs on the camera you use for these pics? i'm considering buying one and i think the quality of pictures you take are head and shoulders above what i've seen with some of my friends's digital cameras. thanks!
I doubt if it is the camera.MB1
Sep 4, 2002 2:50 AM
You should be able to take equally good pictures with almost any digital camera that has exposure control. Please note that I am not an expert on cameras though.

I use a "Canon Power Shot S300 Digital Elph". I usually increase the color a bit and add a touch of sharpness before I post here. Most of the images I post are not cropped since I like to show what I saw.

Posting on the internet reduces the quality of the image a lot. I believe that almost any digital camera could match the quality of what I post here.

But then I don't believe really expensive bicycles improve the riding experience either.
Sep 4, 2002 5:42 AM
I do believe I have the same camera.
Where do you keep the camera, to protect it and if you can give me some general tips about riding around with the camera.
I always wear a butt pack.MB1
Sep 4, 2002 5:57 AM
I have this nice Lowe Pro camera bag (Mr Celloboy who sometimes posts here works for them) that fits through the belt of my butt pack. The camera bag has a velcro closure so it is easy to open while riding. The bag cost well less than $20 perhaps closer to $10-I don't really recall since it was a gift.

I slip my hand through the camera strap before I pull the camera out. Never had a problem (I am normally pretty careful when to shoot and when to keep both hands on the bars). I generally do not look through the viewfinder while shooting pix on the bike I just thake several shots and hope for the best. I usually have the camera set for a darker exposure than the preset.

Safety first.
Sep 4, 2002 6:16 AM
I saw your 100+ miler from the hot weekend as well. Nice rides - looks like a lot of fun. My wife isn't a gungho rider, so the only we could ride together would be if we got a tandem. Where do you start out from? What map do you use to plan these routes out?

I have the ADC bike map but the detailed map covers a very small area. I hear Clifton and Middleburg area has some nice rolling roads, but I don't have a map and don't want to get lost out there.
Start here.MB1
Sep 4, 2002 7:15 AM

Try the "Trails" and suggested rides. This is a very nice site for DC riders.

Or e-mail me
Sep 3, 2002 9:11 PM
Thanks so much for your pics.
I always enjoy them & envy your riding area.
Very beautiful!
re: 4 Covered Bridges. Ride Report.peter1
Sep 4, 2002 11:17 AM
Enjoyed your ride report as usual, especially the photos. In my corner of the world (Bucks County, PA/Hunterdon County, NJ), you can ride through six covered bridges within 2-3 hours. If you or anyone else is interested, the Central Bucks Bike Club has an annual "covered bridge ride," fully supported, in mid-Oct. as the leaves are changing. It's actually several rides, from 20 to 65 miles depending on experience, skill etc.