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Sad news and roof rack question(4 posts)

Sad news and roof rack questionMatno
Sep 3, 2002 10:17 AM
Sad news is that my beloved '87 VW Vanagon Syncro that I've been driving since '95 has finally "given up the ghost." At least, I've finally decided (or at least my wife has) that it's not worth $1000 in repairs every year. I'm going to miss it, but a new Plymouth Grand Voyager should help to ease the pain. ("New" being a relative term of course. I am still a poor student!) I'm considering getting a roof rack for this one since it's considerably easier to reach the roof, but I'm not sure what will be the best option. The van already has a factory roof rack for which adapters are available for bike mounts (e.g. Yakima MightyMounts), but I'm not sure about how well those would work. The idea of a second rack with more solid cross-bars is also kind of unappealing because it would look cluttered.

As for the bike attachments, I would like an upright rack since I think it's a pain to have to take off the front wheel everytime I go somewhere. (Plus, unless you lower the seat with a fork mount rack or have super high handlebars, upright mounts really aren't noticeably taller). Anybody have experience with upright racks - particularly with the square downtube frames like my '98 K2 5000s? (Hey, I'm not the only one here who mountain bikes! Plus, it's the only way I can get my wife to ride with me). Good or bad feedback would be appreciated. Also, something that locks would be nice since we live in the Bronx! (Not that I would ever leave my bikes unattended around here!)
Dude! Put the bikes INSIDE!brider
Sep 3, 2002 1:34 PM
I had a '90 Plymoouth Voyager, shorter version. Most of the time, I had the back seat out, and made my own rack for the inside. Easy to do -- couple 2x4s with standard fork mounts (not that hard to take off the front wheel if you file off those annoying lawyer tabs), and osme finishing nails poking through to grip the carpet. I could fit 3 bikes inside with a lot of room to spare. If you're getting the Grand Voyager (longer version), you should be able to do the same and keep one rear seat in.

Bikes are locked inside the van, out of the weather. Easy access (think of when you hurt your shoulder on the ride and can't lift the bike over your head).
Sep 4, 2002 3:19 AM
under most circumstances (admittingly not all), I can fit a coupla bikes inside my SEDANS. Always makes me wonder about all the gear that must be inside all these suburbans and expeditions to warrant the tailrack.
Two major problems with that.Matno
Sep 4, 2002 11:34 AM
1) I really hate having to take the wheels off. (I don't even want fork mount racks). With my VW that wasn't a problem. I could fit 2 bikes in between the seats. I also can't stand anything else that slows down or complicates the process of going for a ride. That would include my current trunk mounted rack which works fine, but is a pain to set up (I have to unfold it, readjust it, and attach 6 straps every time I want to use it. Not to mention attaching the bikes with at least 2-3 bungee cords each).

2) I can't take the seats out. I live in an apartment in the Bronx, so everytime I want to remove the seats I have to carry them at least a block from the entry gate of our complex to the front door, then up 4 floors. On top of that, my wife would kill me if I tried to store them in our limited space. And FINALLY, we use all 7 seats at least once a week.

I'm thinking that I'll just get Yakima adapters for my factory rack and attach either Anklebiters or Sportworks bike setups to that.