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Shoes - Effects of cleat adapters(6 posts)

Shoes - Effects of cleat adaptersGMS
Sep 1, 2002 7:23 PM
All else equal, it's better to have a cleat mounted directly to a shoe than mounted on an adapter which is mounted on a shoe, right?

I am looking at Sidis (Energy 2 and Genius 4) and it seems like they need an adapter for just about everything. Is this true? Are they only drilled to fit their adapter, and have no drillings for any type of cleat at all? They are popular shoes. Are adapters really that bad, or are they a wonderful feature that adds to durability?

In contrast, a Shimano road shoe can take just about any cleat directly (except old Time style, I think). This seems like it would be lighter, better, and stiffer.

I'm planning on getting a stiffer shoe for my current SPDs, which I am having no problems with, though I know they aren't the most favored system of roadies. After observing the effect of that, I'm planning on moving to something like Time Impacts, which I believe use a Look bolt pattern. So, I want a shoe that supports SPD and Look. Shimanos seem to do this. So do Sidis, but it costs me 30 bucks a pop for an adapter.

Anyway, maybe I don't understand Sidis. Any thoughts?

Just go for the ShimanosPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Sep 1, 2002 8:33 PM
I love the Shimano's I have so you can't really go wrong. Sidi has some nice shoes but the stupid adapter plates 1) add more stack height and 2) are a pain in the butt both in cost and hassle.

Sidis are marvelous shoes.........gogene
Sep 1, 2002 8:47 PM
......very comfortable, stiff and light. Adaptor plates are needed for the different brands of cleats. You said $30.00 for adaptors? I hope you were talking about TWO pair! Colorado Cyclist lists Sidi adaptors for $14.95 a pair. Adaptors aren't bad, just necessary for a shoe company that makes a great shoe and tries to fit all major brands of cleats. I have a hunch that you will favor one pedal/cleat combo over another in a short while, and won't run two different systems.
maybe consider this......zooog
Sep 2, 2002 1:48 AM
Don't sidi dominators come drilled for SPD's? Recessed cleat. Maybe this would be your shoe your looking for. No adapter plates needed for SPD. Or your could switch to look pedals for the two you mentioned.
re: Shoes - Effects of cleat adaptersIan
Sep 2, 2002 4:31 AM
Sidi uses adapter plates for versatility. Lets say that 4 years ago you bought a new pair of Sidi shoes. Then the next year SPD-R hit the market. You would have been able to purchase an adapter plate to use SPD-R with your shoes. Now lets say that 4 years ago you bought a pair of Shimano shoes. Then SPD-R hit the market. Sorry, buy a new pair of shoes, SPD-R won't work with those shoes. Now, this isn't to say that SPD-R is / was that great, but just an example of what can happen. Who knows what the designers will dream up in a few years.

The Look adapters do not add stack height. The adapter fits flush inside the sole and the cleat mounts on top of that. Speedplay also works the same way. I'm not sure about SPD, SPD-R or Time. But, the new pedals from Shimano and Time will both use a Look bolt pattern, so those new pedals will also mount flush.

re: Shoes - Effects of cleat adaptersTREKY
Sep 2, 2002 6:42 AM
I just purchased a pair of Sidi this year after wearing Shimano for several years.I use Spd so I had to go with adapters.I wasn't happy about it in the beginnig but I figured I would get used to them.It only to a few weeks until I didn't even notice they were there.They also help you when you need to walk with a little added traction and save on cleat wear.I would go with Sidi because these are the most comfortable road shoes I've ever worn.