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Catastrophic death of a Campy hub(3 posts)

Catastrophic death of a Campy hubbuck
Sep 1, 2002 2:26 PM
I still can't believe this happeded....Riding up Green Mountain in Huntsville, AL today. About 800 feet in 1.2 miles, an 11 or 12% average grade and I'm dying. I hit this one "wall" toward the end of 18 to 20% that ony lasts a few yards when I hear a BAM. The chain goes limp and I go down on my side. I think I must have broken the chain under the constant stress, it looks fine but the wheel won't roll true. I investigate further and see that there is a crack all the way through the body of the rear hub starting at a spoke hole and going to the middle of the hub! The bloody thing split in two! It's a fairly new 2001 Campy Record 32 hole rear laced to Open Pro's. Nothing trick or fancy. Has anyone heard of a hub splitting in two due to stress? How's the Campy warranty?
Clearly a warranty issueKerry
Sep 1, 2002 3:19 PM
This hub is defective, most likely a bad forging (contamination?). Campy warranty is a standard 3 years, so unless you bought these gray market, you should have no problem getting them replaced. Even then, if you take them to a shop or mail order place with whom you have a relationship, they can likely get them warrantied.
re: Catastrophic death of a Campy hubcurlybike
Sep 1, 2002 6:17 PM
I had that happen on a 36 hole wheel, same hub. I thought that I had built the wheel with too much tension. The flange on the drive side blew out, and the shell split wide open. Campy covered it no problem. They only replaced the hub, no incidental costs.