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Quantity vs. Consistency(3 posts)

Quantity vs. Consistencycyclejim
Sep 1, 2002 10:48 AM
All things being equal, would I be better off riding 5 times a week for 1 hour each time, or doing a 3 hr ride on Satuday and a 2 hour ride Sunday? Would my fitness be better if I ride consistently or is the most important factor the quantity of training? In other words, if I get still 5 hrs a week does it matter when I do them?
re: Quantity vs. ConsistencyCaptain Morgan
Sep 1, 2002 11:07 AM
I saw this question addressed in Galloway's Book on Running. I cannot find my book at the moment, so I can't tell you what page it is on.

There is a chart which shows the optimal amount of days to exercize in a week. There is increasing benefits when going from two to three to four days. Then the cardiovascular benefits start increasing at a lower rate. The benefits from going from six to seven days, for instance, is minimal.

In conclusion, four or five days was the optimal number in terms of providing the most incremental benefit. I would target 2 to 3 of your 1-hour rides and maintain your longer weekend rides.
Training for what?LC
Sep 1, 2002 11:43 AM
80 mile road race? 30 min crit? Health? For health then consistency is best. For anything more then you have to know what what your goal is.