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Mavic Open Pros vs. Ultegra 6500, Centaur vs. Ultegra(4 posts)

Mavic Open Pros vs. Ultegra 6500, Centaur vs. Ultegraiuratus
Sep 1, 2002 8:39 AM

I'm thinking of buying a bike from GVH but am a bit confused about wheelsets. For an extra $100, Gary sends you Ultegra wheels instead of Mavic Open Pros that he builds. What are the differences? Are the Ultegras racing only? What would be the weight difference between the two sets?

Also, I was wondering why Gary sells Campy Centaur build kit for $40 more than Ultegra with the same components, when abici starts the Ultegra groupset at $100 more. By my calculations, Centaur ends up about 50 grams lighter -- does this seem probable? Thanks

re: Mavic Open Pros vs. Ultegra 6500, Centaur vs. Ultegraiuratus
Sep 1, 2002 9:10 AM
Sorry, actually Abici starts Ultegra at about $40 more. My mistake.
Ultegra Wheelsfirstrax
Sep 1, 2002 1:06 PM
I have the ultegra's and I am very happy with them. 5k miles and no problems (I'm 165 lbs). Very smooth, light and comfortable. They rule for century rides. I wouldnt consider tham racing only wheels though. I think their great for everything but crits. Theres a "microt" of flex when cornering hard which does not raise any concern when alone but might be scary in a pack. Maybe the DA wheels are stiffer.
OP over Ultegra, Campy vs. ShimanoKerry
Sep 1, 2002 1:48 PM
I doubt very much that the Ultegra wheels would offer anything over a well-built set of "standard" wheels. With factory wheels, you pay for cache', not for performance. The wheels with the OP rims may in fact be lighter, and certainly just as strong, laterally stiff, etc. Plus, the stock wheels can be easily maintained/rebuilt, which is always a question with factory wheels. GVH charges more for the factory wheels because they cost more to him, not because they are better.

The differences in price on build kits has much to do with distribution channels - it's about what a given supplier is paying for the kit, not about the value the kit delivers.. Centaur and Ultegra are quite comparable, so go with the one that fits your hands better on the shifters. I am a Campy fan and so would always go "C" with a comparable price point, but the differences are relatively small.