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Why do rides start so damn early?(15 posts)

Why do rides start so damn early?bikenj
Sep 1, 2002 7:41 AM
Why do rides need to start so freakin early? Doesn't anybody else like to sleep in, have a relaxing cup of coffee, maybe a little breakfast and then swing the leg over the saddle?

11 am –12pm or later in afternoon would be great...But I'll be hard pressed to find a ride or race that starts after 9am.

Is it because most group rides I've found consist of mostly older (45+) folks and they don't need as much sleep as the younger folks (25-30's)? And what's with the beards? Is it prerequisite that all men grow a beard?

Anyone share this observation or opinion?
re: Why do rides start so damn early?Tenny24
Sep 1, 2002 7:58 AM
I think that it may have something to do with it not being as hot in the morning as it is in mid afternoon. I dont know though, never been on a group ride :)
re: Why do rides start so damn early?Thorman
Sep 1, 2002 8:01 AM
I think riding in the morning has a number of benefits:

1. It's not as hot as later in the day.
2. There's less traffic.
3. It gives you the chance to get a ride in and still have time to spend the rest of the day with family and friends who don't share your love for the road.

As for the beards, I haven't seen any on the riders I hang with.
you must not have other commitments?DanoK
Sep 1, 2002 8:12 AM
Rides start early because many people can't devote an entire day to sleeping in, a lazy breakfast, followed by a ride that doesn't end until mid-afternoon. Family commitments, yardwork, shopping, lots of other things to fit into the day. 9 AM starts let you get back in time for other things. For me, 9 AM is too late. I start my weekend rides at 7 AM. If I don't ride that early, then other things I need to fit into the day get in the way and it becomes very difficult to ride at all. By riding early, my cycling doesn't interfere so much.

I think you'll find that the reason older folks are more willing to do things earlier in the morning is not that they need less sleep, but that they become busier and more disciplined in balancing their schedules than younger people are. Spend several decades getting up at "O-dark-thirty" for work and it becomes nearly impossible to sleep past about 7:30 AM anyway. Might as well get up and do some cycling!!
To MANY other commitments!off roadie
Sep 1, 2002 5:38 PM
If I went to bed early enough to get up and prep for a 7:00 ride, I'd be blowing off late evening commitments. That's the only time workin folk these days have for social obligations, housework, etc. I don't get home till "half past the cows commin home". Things ain't "9 till 5" like the old days when those folks were so "disciplined".

Besides, if I leave bed before 10:00 on a Saturday, my partner feels neglected, know what I mean?
re: Why do rides start so damn early?The Human G-Nome
Sep 1, 2002 8:26 AM
i'm not opposed to the later start, but the idea of completing the ride early and having the rest of the day for the significant other is important. weather/temp is a factor only certain times of the year. ie, it could be 50 in Pacifica and then in the 90s in san mateo.

about the beards... ya, i've noticed that the older riders like to wear 'em. don't know why. i've also noticed that these "older beard sportin'" riders don't like to be passed and seem to be in constant competition out there on the road. the beard is just a sign.
In Texas...Dave Hickey
Sep 1, 2002 10:54 AM
At 7:00-8:00am it's 75 degrees. At 2:00pm it's close to 100 degrees. I'll start rides at 7:00am anytime. Traffic is anothter reason. On a Sat or Sun morning, traffic doesn't start to build until mid-morning.
2nd In Texas...JimP
Sep 1, 2002 11:33 AM
Yes Dave, yesterday it was 71 degrees when we started at 7:30 and 92 degrees when we finished the 65 mile ride in the hills. We shure could have had a problem with the heat if we started later since it got up close to 100 later in the afternoon.

agree, butDaveG
Sep 1, 2002 12:25 PM
I think folks have already cited the major reasons (avoiding heat, getting done early, etc) but I agree with you. One on the reasons I often miss rides with my club is my will power is lacking on an early Saturday or Sunday morning. The early start is especially frustrating to me in the fall and spring where it can be pretty cold at 7am and still be warm at noon. With the early start you are forced to either freeze or bring along a whole bunch of extra warm gear that you have to haul back.
re: Why do rides start so damn early?jtolleson
Sep 1, 2002 1:00 PM
I don't think "older" (hate that term) riders need more sleep; I think they are just more willing to go to bed at 10:30 on a Friday or Saturday. Getting up at 6:30 is 8 hours. Could even sleep til 7:30 to make a 9 am ride maybe.

Folks who don't want to get up often in my experience aren't willing go to bed before midnight. It is ultimately a sort of zero sum game.
re: Why do rides start so damn early?Spunout
Sep 1, 2002 1:38 PM
my will power is lacking on an early Saturday or Sunday morning.

I can't wait to ride Saturday morning, so I'm up at the crack of dawn, eating, pumping tires, and ready to go. Look for motivation! Why Ride?
Easy fix-lead a ride. Start when you want.MB1
Sep 1, 2002 3:21 PM
As for us we like to start around 5:00 a.m. to be done by 2:00 or so. When we lead a club ride starting at 7 or so seems pretty late.

We have been known to ride from "Can see" to "Can't see". But then we like to ride.
Starting times for our rides vary;coonass
Sep 2, 2002 11:13 AM
10am if the high-temp is going to be ~50-70°.
9am if the high-temp is going to be ~70-90°.
7-8am if >95° (depending on humidity forecast).
Noon if the high is going to be ~25-45°.
The humidity here is pretty high,averaging 85%-100% daily; and if you've never lived in a humid climate, you don't want to be riding at 1:00pm in 95° & 90% can really suck the energy out of you, no matter how much you drink and make rolling hills seem like torture. (Winds are another factor)
You only need to grow a beard if you live in the South AND own a pickup truck...(nope, I don't have a beard or a pickup, but am a Southerner :)
re: Why do rides start so damn early?TypeOne
Sep 2, 2002 7:03 PM
No kidding. I also notice a lot of older riders with beards, but I figured it was part of being older, not cycling.
And why so early? I can't figure that one out, either. I suppose it could simply be less traffic. The argument that it is a tradition to avoid the warm weather of the afternoon doesn't make sense when the fall and winter club rides I attend still begin at 7 AM. In those cases, it makes sense to wait a few hours for the frost to clear off the roads, yet they still insist on getting out early. Maybe I'll have to lead a ride that begins at a reasonable hour.
Easy...three lesses, and one more.MXL02
Sep 2, 2002 7:06 PM
1. Less Heat
2. Less Traffic
3. Less Wind

1. More family time.

PS - I don't have a beard, and most of the old timers I ride with are clean shaven as far as needing more or less sleep as you get older, man, are you in for a rude awakening! My theory is we can get up earlier because we don't "party on, Dude!" like you youngsters. Our riding is our substance abuse of choice. It makes you feel just as good and the hangovers aren't nearly as bad.