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I got bit by the motorcycle bug again. What am I to do?(7 posts)

I got bit by the motorcycle bug again. What am I to do?Bike-Go-Far
Aug 31, 2002 9:52 PM
Today I rode my friends ZX-6R Ninja. Man the torque and weight caught me off guard when I 1st took off. This is the 1st time I have ridden a motorcycle in a few years. Going from a 19 pound rd bike to a ZX6 crotch rocket was kinda weird at first. Man it was fun to ride the Ninja round the block a few times. As long as you are in decent shape, you always wind up looking damn kewl on a crotch rocket.

I am now torn between keeping my Cannodale or selling it to help pay for a crotch rocket. I was about to purchase a new steel frame bike, like the Bianchi Veloce; but now I'm not sure. Pls what should I do? I enjoy cycling, but have always wanted to own a nice crotch rocket.

I know that if I buy a motorcycle and keep my Cannondale, that my road cycling time will now be used to cruise around on the motorcycle. Crap, it's tuff to want to have 2 hobbies, with neither nuff time or money both.
Keep the CdaleLeroy
Sep 1, 2002 4:06 AM
Save up - Get a Ducati - wear a helmet. I just had a friend check out - no helmet, drunk driver hit him. He never had a chance.

Dave Loving
Agreed....Save up and get a Ducati Monster!!!!!!!(nm)Ligon
Sep 1, 2002 7:08 AM
I feel your pain.look271
Sep 1, 2002 6:25 AM
As a former owner of several "crotch rockets", I can empathise with you. Everytime I see one I get the bug. If I bought one, though, I'd be single again because my wife would surely divorce me! I've sort of satisfied the urge by getting a "superbike 2000" video game from TJ Maxx ($5!). This way I get to pretend I'm riding one and if I wipeout, I don't become road kill. Buy the Bianchi.
re: I got bit by the motorcycle bug again. What am I to do?flying
Sep 1, 2002 10:55 AM
Been there done that ;-)
When I was young I was sponsored by a Honda dealership & raced MX.
When I was older after having been off MC's for awhile Like you I tried a crotch rocket. Honda (of course ;-) F3
That was in 96......... I all but left my road bike hanging gathering dust. Went nuts on twisty hills & valleys got into the full leathers & the knee dragging..... progressed to the next likely 900RR......

You know what?? Unless your going to do actual Road racing on a track your overall fitness that you have from road biking is going to diminish to squat.

I have sold all the Hondas now & am back on track with good fitness & health. Have just about 4000 miles this year on my Colnago & that is good considering.

Your right it is tough to have two hobbies & if your like me & tend to go bananas over what you do I think it is better with the road bikes. Both health wise & $$$$ wise ;-)

Good Luck I know it can be quite the dilemma.
If you must....4bykn
Sep 1, 2002 1:10 PM
My brother just got a Honda V-twin, 1800cc. Not sure of the model, but this bike is nice. And talk about torque! The motor is as big as some automobile engines.
Sep 2, 2002 7:34 AM
A nice touring bike. (mine was wonderful!) BMWs are cheeper to insure, require far less maint., last longer, garner respect from the police(a lot fo them ride bmw off duty) and on and on... 'RTs are the touring version and are totaly comfortable for any distance. All of the power you will need, good gas mileage, smooth, suprisingly light, more on and on...

Stay off any crotch rocket they are true "Donor Cycles". in reality all motor cycles are it's just that BMWs and other like "Respectable Bikes" are a bit less so. It's not a matter if but when you will go down. And going down on a MC WILL damage you far more than a crash on a road bike.

Why do you want to ride a type of bike that drivers hate more than road bikes? Any fat slob can twist their wrist sitting on top of a motor w/wheels. Not everybody can ride a bike as well as you!