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Upstate New York bike shops(6 posts)

Upstate New York bike shopsGMS
Aug 31, 2002 4:41 PM
Are there any really, really nice bike shops in upstate New York? Specifically, Rochester, NY. There are some good shops around but none that I have found actually carry really good stuff, so I can never see it or demo it. Trying out saddles, demoing a $3000+ bike, trying on shoes seems impossible from what I've found.

Right now I'd like to try on some nice shoes, like Sidis, or even high-end Shimanos. Sidi's dealer locater finds absolutely nothing around me. One shop has Shimanos but haven't restocked in 3 months so there is only a single pair of year-old ones there.

There also isn't a Calfee dealer within 70 miles, nearing Aegis dealer is in Syracuse... list goes on.

Anyway, I'd also take a tip on an online shop that lets you return shoes...

as for shoes...jose_Tex_mex
Aug 31, 2002 4:56 PM
any on-line company will allow you to return for size problems. Try:
re: Upstate New York bike shopskoala
Aug 31, 2002 6:09 PM
I take it you have tried peddlers, towners, and towpath. Towpath will let you demo a 56(I think) odonata(nice). Peddlers carries Merlin and is the road race shop but if your looking for a huge shop that carries lots of different high end stuff, this town does not have anyplace like that.
re: Upstate New York bike shopsGMS
Aug 31, 2002 6:16 PM
Yeah, my primary shop is Towners. They are nice, but definitely don't have a shoe solution.

Towpath has "heard of Sidis and think they are cool" but they don't carry them, and if you want to try on any of the shoes they do carry, they need to go into some back room to get them if you want to try any on. I don't know what they actually do sell.

Thanks for the tip on Towpath carrying Seven. That's nice to know.
re: Upstate New York bike shopsAlexx
Sep 1, 2002 4:00 PM
Towner's can order anything, but they stock mostly stuff for MTB, boardwalk cruisers, and stunt bikes.

Park avenue bike has a couple of knolegable people, but most of their employees don't know sh!t from shinola (they actually sold a friend a 26.8 mm seatpost for a plain-jane trek MTB, so you know that guy didn't know anything!). Most of the road bike stuff is horribly overpriced ($70 for Tufo S3 lites!!?), and, really, they are more of a boutique than a real shop, anyway.

Canal-side bikes is small, and their prices are sky-high. Would you believe they rent bikes for $20/hour???

Pedaller's is OK, but they have almost no selection of shoes. Also, last time i was there, they didn't know the difference between a 1/8" track chain and a 3/32" bmx chain.

and as for Freewheelers-well, he has a small and diversified selection, mostly aimed at the hybrid and retro crowd-buit has a personality resembling coarse-grit sandpaper. Maybe he'll tell you your bike is a peice of sh!t, too, if you ask him nicely...

so, to make a long story short-if you want selection in Rochester, try mail order. Since George Rennie's shop closed many, many years ago, there hasn't been a truly decent shop here.
re: Upstate New York bike shopsGMS
Sep 1, 2002 4:35 PM
Yeah, I noticed that Park Ave actually carries Serotta, but their employees just throw anything at you if you can stand over it. I also almost killed myself there because they did not tighten the bars on a test ride, I hit the brakes and almost flew crotch-first into the stem.

If I needed something that only they carry, I might go there, but otherwise I am very scared of them.